Packers Have The Last Laugh

With 15 seconds left in the 2010 NFC Championship, Brett Farve reconfirmed why The Green Bay Packers cut him loose in the first place – he’s no longer money when the chips are down. Favre made a typical self-centered play, trying to force a pass into coverage that was impenetrable, and now the Vikings won’t be going to The Super Bowl, just like Packer teams before them, who had such high hopes in the playoffs, but watched their Super Bowl dreams go down in flames while Farve’s ego driven play led to pick after pick in clutch situations.  Former Packer’s boss Mike Holmgren was the only coach who could consistently reign in Brett’s id, but he’s in Cleveland now, and the current Viking’s coach is only good for giving Brett a ride to or from the Minneapolis airport. While Viking fans are probably, satisfied with the ’09-’10 season, the Minnesota Front Office certainly can’t be. For the amount of money they plunked down for Farve, the only equitable return on their investment would be a trip to The Super Bowl. That’s never going to happen, because Brett thinks Brett knows best, and as we all saw last night, that’s not good enough. Just ask The Packers.

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