IPTV Wednesday: American Idol, Real World DC News & Previews

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What to read on IPTV Today
We had our highest day in history at Inside Pulse TV on Tuesday and I want to extend a HUGE thanks to all our readers new and old.

We have a double dip of Basilo this morning, with his full take on both Heroes and 24. He’s one of the best on the web and you should read his reports every week!

We have tons of news and spoilers on The Bachelor including:

Ex-Bachelor Matt Grant To Launch Spin-Off: Pimp My Bride
The Bachelor 2010 Spoilers: Jake Pavelka Teases Finale Details

What to watch tonight?
What should be on your nighttime TV radar – for good OR bad reasons.

American Idol (FOX) 8 p.m.
Auditions continue in Los Angeles; Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry act as guest judges.

The real winner is Human Target with the Obama scheduling misfires.

The Real World D.C. (MTV) 10 p.m.
Emily and the other roommates gang up on Callie when she drunk dials a jerky ex-boyfriend.

While I don’t find the cast as interesting as Cancun‘s, I am fascinated by Emily and Ashley (the stars of this season).

State Of The Union (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN) 9 p.m.
President Barack Obama addresses Congress and the nation.

I am Canadian, so I am not sure if I will tune in but maybe just to see if the right call was made to schedule this before and not instead of the Lost premiere.

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