Diamond Dallas Page News: DDP Talks TNA, Bischoff, WCW Glory Days

One major name from the Monday Night Wars not in WWE or TNA is Diamond Dallas Page, who last appeared in TNA a few years ago.

Recently he did an interview with the UK Sun where he talked about his career and possible return.

On talking to Bischoff/TNA about a run with the promotion:
I think Eric pretty much knows how I feel about everything. Eventually I am sure at some point in time when they need a guest referee I may consider it. I want to do the Piper thing, he shows up for two months and then is gone for nine. That is the only kind of thing I want to do, and I am in the shape to still do it. I probably have 10 really good matches left in me, and I am not gonna throw them away or just put them out there. If they are willing to pay me to come back, and it behooves me, maybe.

on the glory days of WCW:
It is pretty cool. The match with Goldberg is one of my favorite matches considering he had only been working a year and a half at that time and no one had a match with Goldberg like I did, it was a great match. There is one of my matches with Savage out there as well. I was pleasantly surprised because for some reason a lot of what I accomplished in my career has tried to be watered down. You can’t water down 1997-1999, it was an amazing time for me. WCW was kicking WWF’s ass. WWF was on their last straw too man, and it is funny because they went to the PG-17 rating and got rough around the edges, and now they are doing kids and mom and dad TV and TNA is doing the hardcore wrestling and bleeping s**t and stuff. To me a ‘bleep’ here and there you have prime time TV like The Biggest Loser or any show on VH1 without hearing ‘bleep bleep bleep’

Full DDP Interview

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