Inside Pulse WWE Superstars recap for 01/28/10

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The Bella Twins def. Jillian Hall & Katie Lea: Jillian has opened every episode of Superstars this year (so far) with a loss. Katie starts off against one of the twins but her sister is quickly tagged in and they attempt some brief tandem offense. Katie then backs up her into her teams corner then Jillian tags in to attack the hair. Jillian tries to take her attack into the corner but the twin gets her feet up and then hits a crossbody for a two count. After another tag and another try at teamwork from the Bellas, Jillian regains control and tags in Katie who continues the hair based offensive attack. The other Bella makes the hot tag and explodes with a series of dropkicks to turn the tide then gets a rollup off a reversal to win the match via pinfall.

Chris Masters def Primo Colon & Chavo Guerrero: This is a triple threat match for a slot in the Royal Rumble. I might have chosen different guys for this contest. But I like the idea of having matches with the lower card guys to earn their way into the match. Primo and Chavo both briefly team against Masters but this does not last long as they turn on each other pretty quickly. In a nice spot, Masters presses Chavo, but Primo kicks his legs out and then has to break up the resulting pin attempt by Guerrero. Masters catches Primo after a crossbody attempt and goes for the Masterlock, Chavo breaks it up from the top rope and Masters tries to get his finisher on him instead. Primo breaks up the attempt and Masters spills out of the ring as a result. Primo then charges Chavo near the ropes, but misses and lands outside on Masters. Chavo then dives out on top of both of them as we hit some commercials.

When we return to action, Masters is still down on the outside with Chavo and Primo back in the ring as Guerrero works on the arm. Primo fights his way out of the hold and slugfest ensues, won by Primo. Masters rejoins the action and runs right into a side russian suplex by Primo to go right back down. Chavo gets up and attempts the Three Amigos on Primo but the third is reversed into a roll-up for a nearfall. Masters is back up and tries to get Chavo in the Masterlock but he can’t lock his hands. Primo gets kicked out of the ring in the struggle and after a reversal attempt, the Masterlock is finally applied properly and Chris Masters gets the spot in the Rumble via submission.

There is a nice video package on the show featuring interesting statistics concerning the Royal Rumble. Inside Pulse also has this feature with some interesting Rumble stats. After that video package, Chris Jericho makes his second straight appearance on Superstars for an in-ring promo. I wonder if anything interesting has happened to him this week? He barely makes it thru a few sentences when R-Truth interrupts to sing-along with the crowd and Jericho is less than amused. After Truth rambles for a bit, Jericho tries to end this segment by decking him, but Truth blocks it and kicks Jericho out of the ring so he can end it by dancing.

David Hart Smith def Matt Hardy: The Dynasty is accompanying Smith to the ring and Matt’s new buddy the Great Khali is also at ringside. There is a slow feeling out process to start with Smith trying to work the arm and Matt trying a headlock. Smith leaves the ring after some punches and Matt follows this by kicking him thru the ropes. Hardy goes up top for an airborne attack but Tyson Kidd and Natalya block his path. Khali then wanders over to the area causing a standoff and a commercial break.

When we return to action, both men are back in the ring with Smith in a dominant position. A replay shows us that some Hart Dynasty misdirection lead us to this situation as Matt tries to fight back but David stays in control and continues to work over the left arm of Hardy. Smith hangs up Matt in the ropes and then distracts the ref so that Natalya can come over and slap the taste out of his mouth. Hardy fights back again and is able to hit an elbow from the second rope and a neckbreaker for a two count. Hardy hits the Side Effect but it only gets him a two count. Matt then climbs the top rope but Natty distracts him, the ref and Khali which allows Kidd to attack Hardy. Smith then nails him with a kick and pins him for the victory. After the match, Khali clears the ring of both Kidd and Smith before celebrating and then tossing Matt out over the top rope as well.