One Tree Hill – Episode 7-14 Review

Taylor James, Haley and Quinn’s feisty and slutty sister, sure did mix things up on this week’s episode. After arriving with Quinn’s ex-husband David on her arm, Haley wants her out. But, Taylor and David have plans to cook one big nice family dinner…I mean, disaster.

Quinn is surprisingly taking this whole thing OK, which I’m not sure I believe. I mean, she did hurt David a lot, but to not have any reaction to your sister sleeping with your recently divorced husband is just strange. Clay has her attention as he tells her he will be present at the dinner to back her up. Sweet.

Brooke is still struggling with the breakup and bringing Julian’s stuff over to him. So, Victoria gets the new eye candy Alexander to drop it off to him. Nice touch. He and Julian argue over the breakup and Julian is having problems asking Brooke to be the costume designer for the movie. That’s not his only problem though. The director is treating Alex like crap and Julian punches him in the face (in Lucas’ house BTW—the setting for the movie). Brooke agrees to help with the movie on one condition—that Julian directs it. I thought this was a nice scene. It showed that they are obviously still in love.

Millie is trying to get back on her feet and Victoria tells Brooke to give her another chance, which she does. Mouth decides to stay and help Millie too, but seemed to get pretty cozy with Lauren, Skillz ex-girl. Did anyone else find this whole thing weird? I was expecting them to makeout or something. It just seemed pointless unless there are ulterior motives…which I believe there are. Should get interesting. You know, for a Mouth storyline.

So everything comes to a head at the family dinner. Taylor and David proceed to makeout at the table to make Quinn jealous. He thinks it is justified seeing as Quinn slept with Clay while they were still married. But, she admits that it was a lie to help David move on. He is hurt and admits that the whole Taylor thing is in fact a little screwed up. While the boys try to get along, the sisters fight, pull hair and end up in the pool. They seem to make up…for now. I love how Nathan is just the typical indifferent husband who just wants to stay out of everything. He’s too perfect and I love him for it.

The episode wasn’t the best. I think Haley saved it with the humor. She’s just hilarious with her timing. Also, we are finally seeing the Brooke and Julian we miss.

Next week is 80’s-inspired as Cheap Trick performs at a fundraiser. Also, it seems they forget Haley’s birthday. Promo below.

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including Hamptons magazine and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL!.

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