The Miz Speaks: WWE Role, Real Life Influence On Character

One of the hot rising stars in WWE, the Miz recently sat down with a local Cleveland reporter for an interview. He did speak in detail about some of his thoughts on his character and WWE.

on his character:
For me, it’s a hyper version of myself, a cockier version of myself… I know how to make myself very, very cocky and annoying. That’s my character. I enjoy doing it. People hate it. But I don’t mind it when people hate it.

on the WWE experience:
Now I can say I’ve literally traveled the world with WWE. I just got back from Europe, I’ve been to Japan and Iraq, I’ve performed in front of 80,000 people live. How many people can say they’ve had those experiences?

The Full Interview has a bunch of bio info and background on the Miz.

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