Project Runway 7-3 Review


Two Down and many to go, the male designers echo my thoughts, that Ping should have gone home- it is almost a game to see how long Ms. airhead can last.

They are at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan museum- so amazing- with several gowns from the collection in front of them. Working in teams of two, they must produce a two-day look with $500- oh no Ping is a leader and the person she chooses, Jesse, is praying she doesn’t choose him! They are in awe of the gowns in front of them. Off to Mood and Ping cannot find her sketch-book and Jesse is already slamming his fist into his hand. While Ping is ‘evolving” Jesse says he doesn’t doubt her vision he just wants to know if she has one! Mila is a ‘thinker’ while her partner, Jonathon, a ‘doer’, goes right to the sewing machine. This could work. Anthony and Seth are too funny.

Oh guess what? A second outfit, RTW, Mass Market, for $50, based on, but not copying, what another team os doing- you have to be joking, and Ping goes for her team and brings back some strange metallic fabric that looks like ‘hooker fabric’ to Jesse. Tim says it looks cheap. Maybe I should rethink wanting her to go- what would I do for ‘bitchesse”? The other designers are looking good. By Midnight, everyone is frantic. All I hear from Tim is ‘Ping!’ Done, fitted and almost ready, it is 12 on the clock and everyone turns into Pumpkins- Ping now cannot find her handbag. OY! Anthony says his dress looks like it is for a VP at McDonalds- he has such humor- please don’t send him home. All are finding that it is harder to work as a two-some.

Jonathon is concerned with Mila’s time management- Maya and Jay are a problem as Jay has immunity and has not exactly been busting his chops. Emilio says Anthony’s design is great on concept but poor on execution- over-decorated. Jesus’ team is trying not to be in the bottom again. Last minute is the name of the game again-Tim is calling, “Ping- PING“…

Judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi and Brit Designer Matthew Williamson watch as Anthony leads off with his black and yellow poof skirt gown- I am not in love with anything. Anthony and Ping have the lowest scores. Mila and Jay’s teams have the top scores- Jay really scores high on the look for less, and Mila on the evening separates of the signature look, not so much on the baby doll look for less based on Anthony’s gown. They hate Ping, but call Anthony Cotillion and ‘really ugly.’ Seth owns up to 50-50 for his part in Anthony’s designs, like a man- really cool. Oh PUHLEEEZE, Let Ping, Pong, so to speak. After 42 years in Fashion, I can handle hissy fits, Prima Donna, egos from outer space, ranting and raving, BUT ditzy airhead in full creative throttle sends me up a wall; it reminds me of watching Isadora Duncan dance- where is she going and where did she come from?

Mila is the winner- good, she was really socked in the chops last week by her model- now she is on top by a hard work ethic and Jonathon’s help and talent. On the bottom side, well, this time Jesus is not there and that is good, but judges think my Anthony/Seth was costume-city and Ping/Jesse was a mess on the signature look. Ping goes home and I can cancel the tranquilizers for next week.

Mila wins with graphic 3- pieces

Ping goes home- at last!

Anthony is too Cotillion

Maya looks good