TNA State of the Union Address: Monday Night Move, Hogan vs. AJ Styles?

Here are some of the major questions/news stemming from the TNA State of the Union address, given by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff on the Bubba the Love Sponge show today.

Q: Confirm or deny Honky Tonk is joining TNA

A: EB “I would rather drive an icepick through my thigh than work with the Honky Tonk Man”

Q: How do you feel about Dixie wanting to go family friendly?

A: Hulk: Not going to happen, we are going to keep pushing the envelope.

Q: Are you going live on March 1?

A: EB: Haven’t heard anything, I have just been reading it on the internet.

Hulk: Nothing has been confirmed, it’s not a lock. I would like to have it but it’s not set yet.

Q: Ongoing talks with Savage?

A: Hulk: “I would love to have him come in and manage his illegitimate son.”

Q: Can you tell me the peaking order of how the writing goes

A: Hulk: Bottom line is that Eric has the final say.

Topic comes up with Vince Russo about the “fake wrestling” twitter post.

· Not really answered just some disparaging words thrown at Russo.

Q: What do they think of Lacey Von Erich?

A: Hogan says she can’t work.

EB: “We will teach her how to work”, and likes her look.

Q: Are you guys big on Desmond Wolfe?

A: EB: Very high on him, good look.

Hulk says he killed it last night, he’s “real close.”

Q: What is the Montreal angle really, is it a shot at Vince?

A: EB: It’s a shot “kind of”, but it’s entertaining and as long as they (fans) love it or hate it’s about whether they are talking about it. Hang with it and watch where it goes.

Q: WWE has a farm system, are you guys going to be doing something?

A: EB: There is no developmental as such. Brian Knobbs and Saggs have a school they are looking at. “Hopefully we will be able to develop our own but we aren’t ready for a farm system”.

Name Associations.

Black Pope: Both EB and Hulk love him and he is going to be getting a push.

Abyss: Hulk: My favorite wrestler of all “he’s my next John Cena”. EB likes him a lot and committed to his character.

Q: Are you interested in taking a look at FCW guys?

Hulk: He says they definitely would be interested.

EB: Says “if they are free we could”.

Q: Any WWE talent interested in TNA?

Hulk: Yup.

Q: Sting no showing them.

A: Hulk: Sting’s a great talent, wishes he would have come up north for the WWE. He understands why personally he wasn’t there but professionally it hurts the company.

EB: “Everyone has to make a commitment. I understand where Hulk’s coming from. But if you’re not 110% committed then it’s probably not going to work out.”

Q: Any chance we will see Hogan vs. Flair on TNA PPV.

A: Hulk: Doesn’t really answer the question.

Q: Will we see the Australian tour on PPV?

A: EB: Not likely for financial reasons.

Caller: Hulk is the worst wrestler since 1989 and how can you evaluate talent? Stone Cold hates you and won’t work a program with you?

– Lots of banter back and forth lots of swearing. Bottom line is they don’t answer the question.

Q: Has working with Vince McMahon changed your thought process?

EB: There’s no denying he’s a great businessman, he’s arrogant but he likes him and “I wouldn’t hang out with him” but he thinks he’s great. On a business level he is very smart. On a creative run he thinks he takes credit for too much and he doesn’t think he’s that good.

Q: Was there a time when you were going against the Rock and you just thought WCW was going to fail?

A: EB: “When AOL/Time Warner took over and put more hands on our product by making it more family friendly, that’s when things starting taking a turn for a worst. Now history is repeating itself and we have a chance to go after that older audience.”

Q: Are you going to be signing any more books Hulk?

A: Hulk: Not in the near future.

Q: Richard Ortiz, are you interested in him.

A: EB: I don’t know him.

Q: Is there one talent from WWE you both want?

A: Hulk: Orton and Cena. But he would also love the Big Show.

EB: “I have a problem with Show, never been committed, he’s lazy. I would like Cena and Orton.”

– EB says he never crapped on Jericho, likes him, but doesn’t think he can headline.

– Hulk would love to have Chris in TNA.

Q: Why do you feel it’s necessary to acknowledge Vince on TNA?

A: EB: You can’t win a fight with throwing a punch, “we are going the fight”.

Q: If you could wrestle one person in TNA.

A: Hulk: AJ Styles, “if he doesn’t get too full of himself”.


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