Virginia Tech Football and Basketball News

I was pleased to see that Jason Worilds has received an invitation to the NFL Combine next month.  A Combine invitation means that he is on the radar, so to speak, and thus has some draft potential.  As of now, Mel Kiper does not list him as one of the top 5 at his position, but does include Sergio Render as the number 5 OG.  I love the draft.  I think all professions should choose their employees this way. 

Tech Sideline has a great feature article right now about the top 10 VT stories of the decade.  It’s paid content, so I won’t link it, but if you get a chance, check it out.  Included are changes in football recruiting, the hiring of Seth Greenberg and resurgence of Hokie basketball, the Vick brothers (Sigh.  All that wasted potential..), Frank Beamer’s near move to UNC, and ACC expansion.  What do you think would be the biggest story of the decade?

And, what the heck, let’s talk a little basketball.  The Hokies came through big time last night with a sweet overtime performance against UVA, despite Jeff Allen’s ejection for elbowing some guy with 13:41 left in the game.  This is a team that is looking way better than I thought they would before the season started.  I fear I may be on the verge of beginning a basketball obsession as well.  Be on the lookout for my name to change to The Football/Basketball Girl.  (Or something more catchy, perhaps).  I am really digging Dorenzo Hudson right now.  He is playing at an amazing level. 

And finally, I wasted quite a bit of time here yesterday, listening to Bill Roth and Mike Burnop’s favorite plays.  Thanks to for finding this.  “From the blue waters of the Chesapeake Bay to the hills of Tennessee, the Virginia Tech Hokies are on the air!”  Some of these I could listen to over and over, particularly number 4, Shayne Graham’s field goal at Morgantown; number 14, Deron Washington’s layup OVER TOP OF Duke’s Greg Palus; and the last one, Tyrod’s touchdown to Dyrell Roberts during the Nebraska game.  “Tyrod did it Mikey,  Tyrod did it!”