White Collar Episode 1-9 Review

Mozzie fans like myself will enjoy this episode as he plays quite a big role in it. I wish they would use him this much in every episode as his scenes are always funny and enjoyable to watch. The episode itself was very good too. Brining back Fowler keeps the story moving forward at a steady pace but also makes me wonder how long they plan to keep the Kate/Fowler story running. We now know who has Kate and what he wants so all that is left is for them to give it to him or take him down. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out which path they choose.

Jones informs Peter that a man named David Sullivan is waiting for him in his office, he also brought his daughter with him. Peter tells Neal that Mr. Sullivan’s father died after taking out a second mortgage on his house, now the bank is foreclosing. He brings Neal with him to the meeting since he’s weak around children.

Peter tells him that he is sorry but things like this happen. Mr. Sullivan maintains that his father would never have taken out a second mortgage, he wanted Allison to have a home to grow up in. He asks Peter to look into it. The little girl draws Peter a picture, preventing him from being able to say no.

While they are looking through the case file Peter runs into something sort of fishy. The NYPD Detective that was investigating Sullivan’s case in the first place is retired. He’s retired but he’s only 35 years old. Neal suggests that they take him out for coffee and ask him about the case. Peter agrees.

Former NYPD Detective Lester Herrera meets with Peter and Neal for coffee. He picks Neal out for not being an FBI agent and asks who he is. Peter tells him that Neal is his consultant. When Peter asks him about the case he gets all paranoid and gets up to leave. Before he goes though he puts a tip down on the table of $4.76. Peter and Neal know that number must mean something.

They go through the case file looking for anything reference to the number 476. Finally Peter finds it, it is a Federal Judge ID number. It belongs to a judge names Michelle Clark. Neal asks Peter if he really wants to pursue this further, he does.

Neal asks Mozzie if he has uncovered anything on Michelle Clark. Mozzie has and shows Neal some case files. Michelle Clark has ties to Fowler, she signed off on the warrants used against Neal for the diamond heist. Neal wants to tell Peter about what they have found on the judge but Mozzie doesn’t trust Peter since he is a “suit”. Neal needs to find out if Kate is not on Fowler’s side and since Peter has contacted her already he wants to send the message through him.

While Peter is taking in this new information on Judge Clark Elizabeth calls and invites him and Neal home for lunch. She is trying out a new caterer and wants to borrow Neal’s palate for food testing.

On their way to lunch, Neal asks Peter if he could contact Kate for him. Peter says that he will try. Neal says that he wants him to ask her if the bottle really meant good-bye.

Peter and Neal tastes the Foie Gras and tell Elizabeth that it is horrible. She crosses that caterer off her list. Peter notices a few cups of coffee on the table. Elizabeth says that she made some for the cable guy who came over this morning. Neal and Peter realize that the house has been bugged and Peter goes looking for it. Peter finds one and yells “Now I am pissed off” into it before crushing it. They continue their conversation outside but Neal still doesn’t feel comfortable talking there. He tells him that he knows a cleaner who can sweep their house. Peter is hesitant but agrees to let Mozzie do it but only as long as there’s someone watching him.

This is Elizabeth’s first time meeting Mozzie is a little confused when he arrives. He enters their house and takes out his equipment. Jones then arrives as Mozzie’s babysitter. Elizabeth asks Neal if he is sure Mozzie won’t try anything. Neal asks her if she has any rare coins or paintings. She says no so he says she’ll be fine. However Mozzie quickly finds things that interest him and exclaims them out loud. He also checks the dog for bugs. Gotta love Mozzie!

Since the judge is working for Fowler it makes the case they are on a little more dangerous. Neal tells Peter that it is worth the risk to take down Fowler. Peter says that they need to save the Sullivan’s house and then have her disrobed.

The FBI gets to work investigating the judge but there is a problem. Fowler has showed up in the building saying that he has work to do in the area.

Neal has been looking at the paperwork for the second mortgage that was taken out on the house and comparing the signature on it to the one on the first mortgage. He notices that there is a slight hesitation mark on the second signature, it is a forgery. Peter asks if he is sure so Neal demonstrates how forging a signature is done by making a forgery of Peter’s signature. He says that when the paper is upside-down it is easier to avoid any hesitation marks because the brain does not realize it is making a signature. When he is done Peter can not tell which signature was his then tells him never to copy his signature again. Peter gets up to leave for his meeting with the judge but tells Neal that he is staying behind.

The judge pretends to have no idea about the case Peter is talking about. Peter tells her that she should because she settled the case, but that he reopened it because the signature was a forgery. She informs him that handwriting analysis won’t hold up and asks if he has more than that. He says that he has her linked to 9 suspicious foreclosures. The mood changes with her offering him a bribe. He asks like he is interested to see where it goes, unknowing that she is videotaping him. Not denying the bribe could cost him his job. Michelle calls Fowler and tells him that before she gives him the tape she wants the mortgage fraud files sealed.

Mozzie and Elizabeth are checking the upstairs now and she comes across a box of mementos. She pulls out a few pictures that Peter took of her while he was on surveillance. She explains that there was a robbery at the gallery where she was working and she was a witness but Peter wanted to know if she had a boyfriend. He was nervous to ask her out to dinner so she held up a sign saying I love Italian food to his surveillance car. It’s a little cheesy but I think its cute. Peter returns home so they decide to call it a night.

Since their upstairs may still be bugged, Peter and Elizabeth are camping out in their living room. Their night is interrupted by Huse, who has come over to warn Peter that Fowler claims to have a tape of him not refusing a bribe. Peter tells Elizabeth that he needs to go figure things out now that Fowler has him on tape.

Elizabeth has a plan of her own. She goes over to Neal’s house and asks him to do something about the tape that Fowler has of Peter. Neal agrees after Elizabeth tells him that he owes Peter for all that he’s done for him. Now they need to figure out how to get the video out of the judge’s hands.

Peter is alone at the office trying to figure out what he is going to do. Jones appears and tells him he better make a few pots of coffee. Everyone from the office is coming in to help Peter out.

Mozzie has come up with an idea. A courier is going to be sent to pick up the tape to deliver to Fowler. Mozzie will distract the courier while Neal poses as him and goes in to pick up the tape. Then with the use of a magnet the tape will be erased before he hands it to the real courier. When Fowler get the tape there will be nothing on it.

Peter and the team are busy trying to find some proof on the judge. They need to find out where the money goes that the judge is making from the mortgage frauds. Peter says to find out where it is going they need to follow the money. Now that Fowler has sealed the files they need to go back to the source, Officer Herrera.

Peter tries to talk to him on the street about the case. He tells him that if he is going to lose his job over this case he is taking the judge down with him. Herrera tells him that he got shut down when he tried to get a warrant to search the judge’s chambers.

Neal and Mozzie put their plan into action. Mozzie creates a hilarious scene with the courier outside while Neal enters dressed as a courier. Their plan works perfectly but Neal almost runs into the judge on his way out. Peter calls him and tells him that the money is in the judge’s chambers. While he is already in the building, Neal decides there is one more thing he needs to do.

Neal breaks into the chambers but does not have much time to find the money. Instead he is going to make the judge move it. He makes it look like someone was searching her office to scare her. Mozzie listens in to the judge when she finds her office torn apart and confirms that she is going to move it. He also gets the time and location. Tomorrow at noon she is going to move the money to a deposit box at Certified National.

Peter is at the meeting where Fowler plans to present his evidence on the tape. He tries to play it but there is nothing on it. Fowler does not knows what is wrong with the tape and Huse tells him until he has the right one not to waste his time. Peter leaves the room and asks Neal if he had anything to do with the blank tape. Neal says that he has no idea what he’s talking about but he should thank his wife.

Neal tells Peter that the judge is about to move the money and where she is moving it to. Peter says that since he did not obtain that evidence legally they can not use it. Neal asks Peter if he could arrest her just for having a briefcase of money. Peter says that he can’t but that he might know someone who can. Fowler is tapping Peter’s phone and will hear him talking to Neal about the judge moving the money.

Peter tells Neal that the judge has agreed to not give Fowler the real tape if he pays her tomorrow at noon in front of the Certified National bank. Fowler sets up his team to take down Peter and Michelle. Fowler confronts the judge telling her to give him the tape. She says that she did not double cross him so he takes her briefcase and looks inside. Instead of a tape all he sees is money. Fowler realizes that it is a set up but he is too late. The FBI team arrives to assist Fowler in arresting the judge. Peter cormers Fowler into either arresting the judge or implicating himself. Fowler chooses to arrest the judge.

Fowler comes out of his interrogation with Michelle. He tells Peter and Neal that she is going to plea bargain her way to a reduced sentence.

Peter and Neal tell the Sullivans that they get to keep their house. Back at his home, Mozzie tells Peter that their house has been cleared of all bugs. Peter has figured out that Neal does not have the music box and Neal admits to it. Neal asks him if he has heard back from Kate. Peter said he did and she said to see Robert. Neal understands what she meant.

Robert is Kate’s dead father. Neal and Peter go pay a visit to his grave to discover that someone else has been there recently. Neal finds a fake flower mixed in to the dying bouquet left by Kate. Neal tells Peter that he didn’t find anything but Mozzie saw the flower and asks if it means what he thinks it means. Neal says I think it does and although they don’t tell us what exactly they mean by that, I’m sure everyone would agree that it means she still loves him.