Jake the Snake Roberts Interview: Wrestler Deaths, DDT Use in 2010

Wrestling legend Jake “the Snake” Roberts did a rare interview this week, and here are some of the highlights.

on wrestler deaths:
We sure have lost a lot. I have a lot of thoughts on why we keep losing guys, but I’ll keep those to myself. I feel for their families now. We dream all our lives and then have those dreams stripped away. We work hard, sacrifice a lot, and some guys just give up on living.

on use of the DDT in 2010:
I love it. I think it’s funny. These guys are such idiots and don’t even do it properly. They do it just for a pop out of the audience and not as a finisher. When Jake “The Snake” Roberts did it, you didn’t get up afterward. These guys aren’t beating anyone with it, and they think it cheapens the move, but it doesn’t.

on his remaining friends in wrestling:
That’s tough. Not really. With my background, I try to put up walls to avoid getting hurt by anyone again. Those walls are hard to tear down, and I don’t want to ever be hurt.

Interview at Florida Today


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