JR Blogs: Jericho/Hurricane Arrest, John Cena Overworked, Lashley

Jim Ross loves to blog about wrestling and bbq and sports, but the bbq and sports stuff is boring, so as usual I am here to cherry pick the wrestling nuggets.

on Chris Jericho and Hurricane’s arrest
Yes, some of my friends made some unwanted and unnecessary headlines this week but as I mentioned here earlier this week it wasn’t as serious a legal matter as it was made out to be. It wasn’t the smartest thing that I’ve read about recently but that’s what often occurs when drinking booze goes from moderation to excess.

on John Cena’s workload
John Cena just can’t slow down. As he prepares to try and win the Royal Rumble this Sunday in Atlanta, Cena “pops” a nice TV rating for Psyche on Wednesday nd then plays golf this week with Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter for charity in the Tampa area… Cena’s inhuman work ethic can be a blessing or a curse for the former offensive lineman.

on Bobby Lashley in Strikeforce
As much as I respect Lashley’s athletic skills, I hope that he is not rushed into a bout with the feared Fedor any time soon as in 2010. That fight has the potential to be a big money maker on PPV if both fighters are properly promoted and branded. Lashley needs more, impressive wins.

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