Psych Episode 4-10 Review

After such an amazing mid-season finale I have to say that I am disappointed with Wednesday’s new installment of the show.  John Cena did an ok job as Juliet’s soldier brother. He definitely has the body one would expect from an experience soldier. The story could have been better developed as it skipped around a lot and was not really that interesting. Compared to earlier seasons of this show where Shawn would come in with a funny one-liner, the writers now seem to be trying to stuff as many pop-cultural references as they can into his jokes. By the time he is done I have no idea what he is saying. Psych writers can you please bring the old Shawn, including the seemingly forgotten psychic attacks he used to have.

Flashback: 1989. Shawn is lying on the couch watching tv. An ad for the army is playing. Henry comes in and tells Shawn its time that he gets up and does something. He asks Shawn what the ad makes him want to do when he’s older. Shawn replies that it makes him want to go into advertising because he can’t get the jingle out of his head.

Present:  Shawn has brought Abagail on an extremely romantic date, to a crime scene where a body is hanging from the ceiling. Shawn tells her he will solve it quickly then they can leave. He says that it was a murder not a suicide. Lassiter tells him that he has the scene covered and to leave. Like always Shawn is ahead of Lassiter and tells them to check the throat. They do and find dog tags. Lassiter says that now it is a homicide and a military crime. Jules says that she might know someone who can help.

Juliet calls her brother Ewan. He talks to her while being chased and tells her that he is going to have to call her back. He acquires a jet ski and speeds away from his pursuers. His phone rings and he thinks it is Juliet again but this time it is his boss. He tells him that the mission is complete and he will bring him the documents shortly. His boss tells him good job and adresses him as Alpha 4. That conversation ends and he calls back Juliet. Juliet tells him about the case and he asks if they could discuss it further over dinner. She is surprised that he is in the area and says that would be great.

Shawn is a bit jealous when Ewan is sharing stories from his missions. Ewan tells him that Juliet has told him how amazing he is. Lassie tells the office to go back to work and resumes working on the case. Autopsy shows that there was a neck fracture not caused by the hanging.

Ewan gets them on to the base to talk with the major general. After Juliet and Lassiter won’t back down he gives them permission to investigate the soldier’s death. Shawn discovers that their dead soldier did not report for duty a few days before his death and Shawn thinks that it has something to do with his murder. Ewan gets another call from his superior and excuses himself. His boss tells him that if there’s a dirty soldier at that base he needs to make it disappear. Ewan obeys and quickly shreds something from the case file.

The next day at the police department Ewan is suddenly acting like the soldier’s death was just a suicide afterall. Shawn knows that Ewan is no longer going to help them so he tells Gus that they are going to sneak back onto the base by themselves.

Shawn and Gus get caught and brought to the major general, who is not too happy with their stupidity. Shawn angers him further and he leaves the room. Shawn spots Ewan talking to someone in the room across from them. Shawn wonders what he is doing there.

Shawn is telling Lassiter that he thinks Ewan killed the soldier. Shawn was trying to say it without Juliet hearing him but she was right behind him when he said it and is now really upset with him.She tells Shawn to go home while she and Lassiter go talk to Felts.

Felts gives them nothing and leaves. Juliet notices Shawn is still there and asks him if he has forgotten how to get home and needs an officer to take him there. Shawn convinces Juliet to get Ewan to take them back onto the base so he can prove himself wrong.

On the base they ask a soldier about Starks some more. Again Ewan gets a call from his boss and tells him that he is still trying to get rid of the police from this investigation because Shawn is very good.  When Ewan returns, Shawn asks him if he could get him and Gus back onto the base late night. Ewan says not a problem.

Shawn is lying in bed with Abigail but knows that it’s almost time to meet Ewan and Gus. She sees him looking at his watch and gets annoyed. She finally tells him that she is going to Uganda for at least six months.

They get back on the base. They decide that they need to get onto a truck but its filled with soldiers. Instead of killing them Shawn says that they need to create a diversion and pushes Gus out into the open. Gus gets mistaken for a soldier out of his barracks and punished with push-ups. While they’re distracted Shawn and Ewan get onto the truck. They help Gus on after his punishment.

Shawn, Ewan, and Gus hide behind a plane and watch as a soldier named Wallack selling weapons to the other side. Their position is exposed by Ewan who is too big to fit behind the plane. A shoot out starts but Ewan gets Shawn and Gus safely out.

Shawn apologizes to Jules for accusing her brother. The Major general enters and instructs his soldiers on how they will proceed with their manhunt. Shawn thanks Ewan as he is sneaking out but then pieces all the events together in his mind. When he comes back to focus Ewan is gone. Shawn tells Gus that they need to follow him, he’s up to something. Juliet and Lassiter follow them.

Shawn and Gus find Ewan on the docks and about to shoot the dirty soldier. Shawn tries to talk Ewan out of shooting the soldier. Juliet arrives and tells Ewan that she has to arrest him for attempted murder. Juliet cuffs him and they haul him away.

Juliet waits with Lassiter to see her brother transported to prison. She doesn’t see him on the bus and asks the officer where he is. He says that he has no record of an Ewan O’Hara.

Shawn is saying goodbye to Abigail at the airport. They share an emotional kiss as her flight is called for boarding. He watches as she boards the plane.


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