10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet – 02.01.2010

1. If Hogwood wanted to show disdain for Rhett Titus’ sexcapades, couldn’t he have said that he wished Titus was as focused in the ring as he is on the ladies, instead of saying “[i]f only he was as good in the ring”? So he’s not good in the ring? Way to put over the talent, Hog.

2. Very nice opener between Delirious and Titus. Delirious has really been impressive recently, and I like Titus more than most people seem to. Delirious has been booked pretty strongly as of late, making me wonder if they have something planned for him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Delirious win the TV Title Tournament, although Davey Richards is my odds-on favorite.

3. Not sure I follow Strong’s rationale. He thinks if he beats Black tonight, and then Black beats Aries at the 8th Anniversary Show, then Black will have to give him a title shot. Um, Roddy, didn’t Tyler already promise you a title shot if he beats Aries?

4. Titus in the first match, Cabana in the second match . . . I appreciate the entertainment value of comedy matches as much as the next guy, and I understand a lot of what guys in the indies are do relates to finding a character that works, but isn’t this a little too much comedy for a one-hour show?

5. In fact, Colt’s antics really detracted from the match tonight. There was entirely too much goofiness and stalling. Colt and Dutt just seemed to move from spot to spot, without much flow or storyline to the match. I re-watched Better Than Our Best (2006) this weekend, and wouldn’t mind to see a small hint of the Colt Cabana that took on Homicide in a Chicago Street Fight.

6. I have mixed feelings on Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero reforming the Kings of Wrestling. Both guys are awesome, so having them team up can only lead to good things. Plus, the fact that two top singles guys would willingly focus on the tag division really puts over the importance of the titles. However, I hope this doesn’t completely take them out of the singles scene, and I am also disappointed we won’t get the Hero face turn to make up for the lack of top-level babyfaces in ROH.

7. While I think Necro’s feud with the Embassy has gone on long enough, the addition of Eddie Kingston to the feud adds a new dynamic, and gives the face side someone who can do the talking. Plus, it (hopefully) allows Kingston and Hero to move in separate directions.

8. You know the comment above about too much comedy for a one-hour show? That definitely doesn’t apply to Austin Aries coming out to watch the main event with a tub of popcorn and bottle of wine. That in and of itself just added a star to this match.

9. Strong vs. Black was decent but nowhere up to par with their previous work, as it was obvious that creating tension between Strong and Black for the 8th Anniversay Show title match was the point of the match. But rationally speaking, should what happened tonight sway Strong’s voting in any way? Why would he throw away a title shot just to get back at Black for pushing him into Aries? Also, what better way to get payback on Black than to take the title from him?

10. Pretty blah show tonight – certainly not up to par with the past 3 weeks of so. The opener was fun, and the set-up for adding Kingston to the Necro vs. Embassy feud was well done and made sense. However, Strong vs. Black wasn’t up to their standards (although understandably so), and Cabana vs. Dutt was just bad. But hey, we get American Wolves vs. Young Bucks next week!

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