10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 1/28/10

10. Well, at least Mick Foley isn’t totally gone yet. After their removal of JB it felt like Foley would be the next one to disappear off TV.

9. Really not enjoying Desmond Wolfe having pointless arm candy. He is more than capable of wrestling great matches every single time, and doesn’t need a valet. The character is strong enough on it’s own.

8. The look on the face of the woman they cut to when Morley was great, and the look of pure amusement on the face of the woman who had his towel thrown at her, also great. The gimmick is done, it’s not sexy, it’s just funny. Probably not the reaction they were looking for with those crowd shots.

7. I understand that sure, Ric Flair might just actually be teaching AJ Styles about things, but does Styles really need to be made into a mini-flair? Not really. Plus for fans who’ve seen the genuine Styles character, this actually is painful to watch. It feels so horribly wrong.

6. Daniels and Hernandez actually put on a good match. It is sad that it appears that Daniels has been shoved down the card, especially as he picks up a loss here. When only a few PPV’s ago he was main eventing in one of the best matches that has occurred in TNA.

5. Why on earth are the Nasty Boys getting any time during Impact? And the real kicker here, they’re apparently supposed to be putting on a PPV match. There is no way that is going to be even bearable enough to watch.

4. The one thing Lacey is good for, playing the dumb blonde. “Please pat her”. As stupid as it sounded, it was still pretty darn funny.

3. Now, it took WWE 12 years to “smooth” over their screwjob issues to the point where the injured party would even show his face on WWE programming. We’re supposed to believe that in TNA, it takes less than a week? Why bother with attempting a screwjob in the first place then? Time to get your own storylines.

2. The X Division guys really need to get a lot more time for matches, it’s such a unique division and it is something that WWE don’t have much of. Put more focus on them, it might just help the show.

1. Hopefully this isn’t the start of Jarrett taking a loss to every member of the TNA roster, but somehow, it feels like it is.

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