10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night RAW for 02.01.2010 with Bret Hart, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Edge et al

After a good Royal Rumble last night,  I have 10 Thoughts on tonight’s RAW.

  1. Awesome to see Edge back on Monday Night RAW.  Interesting to hear all the boos.  Just shows what an incredible heel he was for such a long time.  His opening promo was great and I loved the shot at Chris Jericho and his TMZ mugshot.
  2. Edge called Sheamus the “evil Ronald McDonald”.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  Oh, and then he speared him and I’m loving RAW right now.
  3. I liked that all the matches tonight were Elimination Chamber qualifying matches.  I know that all the winners were predictable (except maybe Orton) but it just made the WRESTLING center stage.  Every match meant something.
  4. Jack Swagger was great as ECW champion.  He put on very good matches with Christian, Matt Hardy and even Tommy Dreamer while he carried the brand.  On RAW, he’s had two exceptional matches with John Cena and tonight’s contest with Triple H was very good as well.  Yet more often than not, he’s in comedy bits with Santino Marella or jobbing to Evan Bourne.  They need to put him in a meaningful feud for a belt soon or TNA is going to get a huge addition to their roster before you know it.
  5. I love Bill Shatner.  His spoken word performances of entrance themes were sparks of genius.  So was “RAW Match Negotiator”
  6. It looks like the Ted DiBiase, Jr.  push begins tonight.  I think it’s overdue.  I don’t know if DiBiase can handle the main event spotlight but it’s been time to find out for a while.
  7. MVP running out from the crowd while the Miz was doing commentary was priceless.  This feud just keeps getting better and better.
  8. Kofi Kingston blew a huge spot in his match with Big Show.  Then he blew his recovery attempt.  It really made the match stand out as the worst of the night.  (Yes, worse than DiBiase/Henry).
  9. Another great confrontation between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart.  A lot of honesty mixed up with great storyline and two great mic guys.  And it ended with us knowing how they’re going to get Cena vs. Batista for WM 26.
  10. I really like the lineup for the RAW Elimination Chamber match.  Some new blood and some guys that can really work the match.  And no monster in sight (unless you count Sheamus).


A very good RAW tonight.  The Road to Wrestlemania is in full swing.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I was wrong in calling Cena the winner of the Royal Rumble.  For once, I’m happy to be wrong.

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