10 Thoughts On WWE Superstars – 1/28/10

10. There are at least a couple of much better Raw divas to use as options for Superstars. I have to admit that I am getting sick of seeing Jillian wrestle on Superstars as often as she has been.

9. The Bella’s pulled out some flashy moves, and honestly, i was expecting a lot worse from them.

7. And honestly, it is obvious that creative have given up on Katie Lea for some reason. Maybe she needs a revamp of the character and a bit of time off TV to come back with a bang. She still has potential.

8. From seeing them work a few times, I have to say that giving Chavo & Primo some sort of feud, or at least a few matches, it could actually be quite interesting to watch. They seem to mesh well together.

7. It felt like we knew who was going to walk away with the win from the beginning, but honestly, they put on a good showing. As far as matches from mid card Raw wrestlers go, this one was actually worth watching.

6. Two weeks of Jericho appearing in some form on Superstars, it feels like the show won the lottery in some form.

5. Nice little promo from both men, it would be good to see R-Truth start to move up the card. He seems to have the whole package.

4. But, with some of the words that Jericho uses when he speaks, I sit and wonder what younger kids are thinking of him. Jericho is able to do that great thing that kiddy movies do, slot in adult jokes in a way that kids still understand the general feeling of. They all seem to get that he’s mean and nasty and should be boo’ed.

3. Matt Hardy paired up with the Great Khali. Wow, who did the Hardy’s annoy this time around?

2. That was an okay showing from SD this week, but I can’t have been the only one who would rather have seen Hardy vs. Tyson Kidd.

1. The triple threat match should have been this week’s main event what with building up to the Rumble and all.

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