Desperate Housewives – Episode 6-14 Review

Hey there everyone. After a one week break, our show is back with the 14th episode of its sixth season.

Spoiler-free zone:

The mystery progresses in this episode and it looks like Gaby will be involved with the main mystery for the first time. Lynette’s and Bree’s relationship with their husbands faces some challenges and a hot Julie Benz (from “Dexter”) enters the show.

Spoiler zone:

The theme of this episode was about the roles in our society.

In Bree’s story, we see a still grumpy and still paralysed Orson. Bree does her best to take good care for Orson but when he asks her if she loves him, she has trouble answering.  From the beginning of the episode, Mary Alice explains that Orson has suicide in his mind and Bree tries to avoid that from happening. When they are invited to a dinner party, Bree sees the two hosts (who were married for many years) appreciating the good and bad times they had together. This results in Bree reflecting to her marriage and when she sees Orson ready to dive in a pool (to kill himself) she stops him at the last minute. I know this sounds very superficial when read, but it was a very cleverly edited scene. It looks like both Bree and Orson are more positive now, and will try to rebuild what was lost in their relationship. What I like about those two is how both of them are two confused people trying to find their way. I think that after this episode they will continue to stick together but will now appreciate each other.

In Susan’s story, the very hot Julie Benz enters the show as a stripper and Susan advices her to quit her job. Sadly for Susan, the stripper follows her advice but doesn’t know what to do next, so she seeks her again for help. Things get worse when Susan hires her as her assistant in school. It looks like a dad of one of the kids knew about the stripper’s background and thus had her fired. In the end, Susan offers her to stay in her house until she get’s something going. I like this new storyline and, I think, it has lots of potential.

As far as Lynette is concerned, she and Tom continue to visit their therapist. Unfortunately, they stop taking her seriously, after they see her in a small play where her acting made Lynette think that the therapist is a deluded person. In their next therapy session, the therapist encourages Lynette to be honest on why she was not very talkative.  When Lynette tells her the truth about the play, Tom plays the good guy and says that the therapist’s acting was good. When Lynette hears Tom’s lie, she snaps at him and an interesting conversation results on how Lynette is always forced to play the “bad cop”. This conversation is very relatable since it shows the struggles of parents that want to be strict yet likable at the same time. After that, the therapist kicks both of them out of the office…

Gaby and Angie had the same storyline this week. What we find out about Angie (from a conversation she had with Nick) is that she and the previous guy she was on a relationship with (which will probably make an appearance in future episodes) were environmentalists.  The main focus of the storyline, however, is Ana who is getting more and more “familiar” with Danny. This results to Gaby and Carlos being concerned about Ana’s sex life. Gaby, however, knowing Ana, instead of talking to her about sex, she simply funds Ana’s modelling career if she agrees to not sleep with Danny. However, Ana pushed her luck and started messing around with Danny one night, and when Carlos walks in on them, he shows his aggressive side. I think we haven’t seen an aggressive Carlos since season one. Anyway, when Angie spots them, she pushes Carlos away from Danny and goes with Danny back home.  Later on, Gaby, in an effort to apologise to Angie, overhears a conversation she had with Nick which makes her suspicious of her new neighbours. The episode ends with a very suspicious Gaby looking over at Angie the next day.

All in all, the episode provided some good laughs and some intense scenes which resulted into a very solid and enjoyable episode. The storylines for the second half of the season have kicked off, and all of them look promising.

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