Jimmy Kimmel Recap: Lost Creators Leak Spoilers, Announce Finale Set For May 23, 2010

Lost producers Damon Lindeof and Carleton Cuse appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and revealed MAJOR details about the premiere episode.

Jimmy played a game of coincidence or not with the producers and here’s what they said about various sequences on the premiere.

Coincidence or not:

– As soon as we see Charlie, Desmond disappears

– Michael and Walt not being on plane

– Shannon not on plane
Not a coincidence (significant)

– Premiere on Groundhog’s Day

– Space between LA and X in title of premiere episode “LA X”
Very planned.

– Rose calm, Jack nervous on this final season premiere, but on the first episode Jack was calm and Rose was nervous
Not a coincidence, intentional

– Jack spills his vodka while pouring his drink
One less bottle of vodka, not a coincidence

The producers also revealed that Jack’s body is not possessed by the man in black from last season’s finale and the numbers will be coming back. Jimmy also mentioned his theory that Sayid’s body is possessed by Jacob, but Lindelof and Cuse would not confirm or deny that one.

The major announcement made was that the Lost final episode will air on May 23, 2010.

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