One Year in Knoxville – February 1, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show by telling us that this was professional wrestling the way it used to be and the way you liked it. Caudle (with Dutch Mantell beside him) told us that today we’d be seeing White Lightning Tim Horner, Bobby Fulton, Primetime Brian Lee, and the Black Scorpion. We’d also hear from managers Ron Wright and Jim Cornette as well as commissioner Bob Armstrong. The main event would see Bobby Fulton taking on Ivan Koloff.

Mantell said he was looking forward to the main and also mentioned that he’d been hearing a lot about Brian Lee before we headed to the ring.

We opened with Killer Kyle making his way to the ring in a suit and carrying a violin case. His opponent was “Rock N Roll” Robert Gibson (who received a much warmer welcome).

Kyle stalled a moment and the two locked up with Kyle shoving Gibson back into the ropes. Another lockup saw Gibson in a headlock and then falling victim to a shoulder block.

They locked up again and Kyle got another headlock which he escaped by sending Kyle across the ring and hip tossing him down. Kyle protested to the ref and another lockup found him in a headlock. Gibson went for a shoulder block and just bounced off. Gibson tried again and bounced off again. Gibson grabbed Kyle’s head and drove him down into the mat.

Gibson charged the corner and Kyle dodged. Kyle was quick to capitalize as he draped Gibson’s arm over the ropes before going to an arm wringer. Kyle whipped Gibson, hit a shoulder block, and got a one count.

Kyle kept working on Gibson’s arm only for Gibson to kick his way free. Kyle whipped Gibson into the corner. Gibson raised up and lowered back down with Kyle in the corner, then rolled him up for the win.

From there we went to a tape with Bobby and Jackie Fulton. Bobby talked about his history with Ivan Koloff and promised to put Koloff away.

After a commercial break, we returned for Caudle to interview Bob Armstrong. Armstrong told Caudle that, while he was proud of being a wrestler, he didn’t like what he’d been seeing over the last few years. Armstrong promised that ticket prices would be low but the fines for wrestlers would be heavy for such offenses as throwing an opponent over the top rope, using a foreign object, or attacking a referee.

We headed back to the ring to find Barry Horowitz waiting. His opponent, Primetime Brian Lee, made his way out and backed Horowitz into the corner.

The bell rang and Horowitz jawed at Lee before locking up. Lee grabbed an arm and the two traded hammerlocks before Horowitz hit a back elbow to break free. Horowitz crossed the ring and Lee put him down with a hiptoss. A second one put Horowitz back down and held on to Horowitz’s arm. Horowitz tried a hiptoss but Lee rolled through and held on to the armbar. Horowitz kicked free and clotheslined Lee down.

Horowitz patted himself on the back and started choking Lee with his boot. Horowitz hit a swinging neck breaker and dropped a leg for a one count.

Lee kicked Horowitz but a thumb to the eye stopped that rally and Horowitz nailed a high knee. Horowitz hit a belly to belly suplex for a two. Horowitz followed that with a dropkick, snapmared him, and snapped Lee’s neck back.

Lee started punching and another eye rake stopped him. Horowitz rolled up Lee for another two count. Lee held on to the ropes to dodge a dropkick and Lee slugged away before hitting a high back drop. Lee whipped Horowitz and put him down with a clothesline. Lee whipped him again, kicked him in the stomach, and hit his finisher – the Cancellation (a backbreaker on his shoulder). Lee covered and got the win.

We came back from commercial to a word from Ron Wright. The manager was seated in a wheelchair and talked about how nice it was to be there. Wright advised that he needed hip and knee implants, and that he would try to scout wrestlers to earn the money he needed for his surgery. Wright promised to sign someone, have his surgery, and take them to the top of the company.

We returned to the ring where Golden Boy Joe Cazana was waiting. His opponent, Tim Horner, jogged to the ring. The bell rang and the two locked up with Cazana getting backed into the corner. Horner got a headlock and then snapmared Cazana down for a one count.

Horner went back to the headlock and Cazana whipped him only for Horner to headlock him again and take him down. As Horner kept the headlock on Mantell discussed what a nice guy Wright was and how he felt bad about Wright’s condition.

Horner dropkicked Cazana and took him down before locking in an armbar. Cazana got a headlock and pulled his hair to avoid a reversal. Horner whipped Cazana, took him down again, and went back to the headlock. Cazana hit a back elbow with Horner in the corner and sent him head-first into the turnbuckle. Cazana slugged Horner and started choking him with the rope.

Horner slugged back and Cazana back dropped him. Cazana dropped a knee as Mantell talked about his world record for swimming underwater for 20 minutes. Cazana slammed Horner and climbed the ropes. Horner caught him and slammed him down. Horner hit an elbow and hit a back elbow after whipping him. Horner held on after an Irish whip, then rolled up Cazana and got the win.

We headed back to commentary for Caudle to have a word with Cornette. Cornette took a moment to insult the fans and then bashed the WWF and WCW for turning wrestling into a circus sideshow before bringing up the wrestlers’ steroid use. Cornette brought up the Midnight Express and talked about how they’d fought for everything they had. Cornette then promised that he had a revolutionary tag team on the way before heading to commercial.

We came back to find Paul Miller waiting in the ring. His opponent was the masked Black Scorpion. The two tied up and the Scorpion hit a knee in Miller’s gut before starting to pound him. Miller leapfrogged the Scorpion and fought back with a cross body that didn’t even get a one count. Miller kept fighting back and whipped the Scorpion across the ring only for the Scorpion to dodge a dropkick. The Scorpion kicked him and hit a power slam. The Scorpion dropped an elbow and then hit a gut wrench power bomb as Mantell speculated what a Scorpion-Lee match would be like.

A clothesline flattened Miller and the Scorpion then slammed him again. The Scorpion dropped a leg and started trading punches with Miller. The Scorpion pushed Miller into the corner and Miller reversed an Irish whip. The Scorpion picked up Miller and hit an atomic drop, then a clothesline. The Scorpion slammed him and played to the crowd a moment before slamming him again. The Scorpion posed again and Miller rolled him up in a small package for the win. Miller cleared out of the ring as the Scorpion fumed after realizing what had happened.

We came back from commercial to see Caudle having a word with Brian Lee. Lee announced an upcoming heavyweight title tournament and said that he planned to win. Dutch came in and pointed out that Lee had made some mistakes during his match, then told him that he didn’t expect anything out of him.

Lee retorted that Mantell would have definitely wrestled the match differently – he would have lost. Lee walked away as Mantell said that he couldn’t take criticism. With that, we took another break before the main event.

We came back to find Ivan Koloff in the ring. Bobby Fulton high-fived the fans on the way to the ring and climbed between the ropes.

The bell rang and Fulton started a USA chant. The two locked up and Koloff went for a headlock only for Fulton to take him down. Koloff took Fulton down but Fulton escaped and was going after Koloff’s arm when the Russian made it to the ropes.

Fulton got a quick hammerlock and took Koloff down for a one count. Koloff choked Fulton a moment and then protested to the ref that Fulton had pulled his tights. Fulton got the best of another lockup and started working Koloff’s arm. Mantell, who was still grousing about his treatment by Lee, said that he’d wrestle the next week to show Lee a thing or two. In the ring, Koloff pulled Fulton’s hair and held onto his arm.

Fulton regained his feet and was fighting free when another hair pull put him back on the mat. Fulton rolled through and kicked Koloff off.

They locked up again and Koloff slugged Fulton on the back as Caudle announced that Koloff’s nephew Vladimir was also in the country. Fulton sent Koloff into the corner and worked an arm wringer only for Koloff to make the ropes as Ron Wright put in an appearance at ringside.

Koloff was taken down by Fulton, who took Koloff down and locked in an armbar. Koloff regained his feet, kicked Fulton in the gut, and punched him down to the mat. Fulton replied by flattening Koloff with a dropkick. Fulton hip tossed Koloff and went back to the headlock.

Koloff hit a back suplex and kicked Fulton. Koloff shoved him down and whipped him only for Fulton to put him down with a body press for the two count.

Fulton slugged Koloff and he fell outside the ring. The two brawled around the ring as Wright watched and Koloff sent Fulton head-first into the ring post. Koloff sent Fulton into a ringside chair and then hit him with it. Koloff sent Fulton back into the ring and started stomping away.

Koloff hit a swinging neck breaker and covered for a two count. Fulton slugged back as Wright shook hands with Koloff. Koloff slugged Fulton and he went down like a ton of bricks. Jackie hit the ring to protest and started trading blows with Koloff. Koloff dropped an international object which the referee confiscated. The ref awarded the match to Fulton as Jackie continued assaulting Koloff in the corner. That brought out Vladimir to rescue his uncle and soon led to both Russians stomping Jackie. Koloff wrapped his chain around Jackie’s neck and hung him over the top rope. Bobby attacked Koloff to save his brother and both Russians headed to the back as Bobby checked on his brother.

After the final commercial, we came back to Caudle, who was with the Fantastics and Bob Armstrong. Armstrong fined Koloff 500 dollars for using the weapon and then set up a match between the Russians and the Fantastics for the next week.

Bobby Fulton insisted that Wright handed something to Koloff, and the Fantastics weren’t going to stand for what the Russians were trying to do. Fulton promised that the Fantastics would fight fire with fire. Fulton then said that Wright might be in a wheelchair, but he’d pull Wright out of the chair and kick him in the tail the next time he interfered in one of their matches.

Caudle said goodbye and that was it for the debut show of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

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