Inside Pulse WWE Superstars recap for 02/04/10

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Alicia Fox & Katie Lea def Kelly Kelly & Eve: Divas once again start the show on Superstars but for the first time in 4 weeks, Jillian Hall is not involved. Eve and Alicia start the begin the match and Miss Fox does not fare very well with Chris Master’s girlfriend and Katie Lea is quickly tagged in. But Katie doesn’t have any better results and Kelly is tagged in so the good girls can drop a double elbow. Double K keeps the advantage before Eve returns and hits a handspring splash but is unable to secure a proper pin attempt. Eve goes up top but Alicia shakes the ropes to cause her to fall. Fox further distracts Eve and this allows Katie to attack from behind and dump her over the top rope. Eve seems to have landed awkwardly so the bad girls start to work on her now injured leg. Alicia tags back into the match but can’t hold the advantage long and Eve is able to make the tag to Kelly who hits her around the world head scissors then a handspring splash from across the ring to take control. She follows with a hurricanrana for a two count that Katie Lea has to halt. Eve briefly comes in to dispatch Paul’s sister and they are quickly out of the way as Double K climbs the top rope. Kelly connects with a flying crossbody but Alicia rolls thru the move and holds her down to “steal” the pinfall victory.

Evan Bourne def Carlito: Carlito throws hands at the start but it does not delay Evan for long as he picks up the pace with a series of low kicks and two quick covers. Carlito recovers and hits a nice dropkick while still selling the effects of the low kicks by Bourne. Both men trade attacks before Bourne hits another dropkick off the ropes and it sends Carlito outside of the ring. Evan waits for him to get to his feet and goes for a slingshot press but Carlito dodges it. However Evan lands on his feet and hits a running knee that appears to KO Carlito. Bourne drags him back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle but Carlito gets up before he can launch an attack. Sideshow Bob then leaves the ring for a breather and the show also takes a break.

As we return, Bourne is still on the attack until Carlito nails him with a sudden boot to the face for a nearfall. Carlito gets a stun gun like maneuver for another nearfall and a spinning neckbreaker for another long two count. Evan returns to the low kicks to stop the assault but Carlito is quickly back in control with a rebound elbow off the ropes for another two count. Bourne reverses two attacks by Carlito into two straight pinning attempts but can’t hold him down for three either time. Both men trade another series of reversals into nearfalls before Carlito picks up Bourne near the ropes and attempts to suplex him back into the ring. Evan fights out of it hitting him with a knee and a kick to set him up for Air Bourne but Carlito gets to his feet before Evan can make the climb and tries to set him up for the super-plex. But Evan is able to fight Carlito off and send him crashing down to the mat before following with the shooting star press for the win.

The Superstars video package of the week features the return of the Rated R Superstar Edge and his win at the Royal Rumble. And then of course we also get a recap of Vince and Bret having a chat on Raw. Speaking of that confrontation, tomorrow on Smackdown there will be further footage of Batista’s involvement which also seemed to include John Cena. Also, according to a commercial during the show, ECW is being replaced by WWE NXT in 3 weeks on SyFy.

John Morrison, Great Khali & Matt Hardy def Drew McIntyre & The Hart Dynasty: Of note before the match, Kidd and Smith almost drop Natalya as they lift her to the ring apron during their entrance. Tyson and Matt being the match and battle with dueling waist and wrist locks before Hardy hits a clothesline. Matt tag in Morrison and they combine for some Hardy style offense. Kidd is able to turn the tide on John and Drew is tagged in to further the attack. John fires back against his nemesis and tags Khali in and he makes quick work of both and Drew McIntyre and Tyson Kidd. Khali lifts McIntyre, then tags Hardy and they combine for a variation of Demolition Decapitation for a nearfall. The ref gets distracted by Smith and Kidd and Drew hit kicks to slow Matt’s roll. Smith then tags into the match and pounds away on Hardy before the show takes an abrupt commercial break.

As we return to action, Matt is still being controlled by Smith until he is able to hit a side Russian leg sweep and Morrison and Kidd are both tagged into the match. John gets distracted by McIntyre and Kidd attacks but is caught with a powerbomb. Morrison goes for a rebound attack in the corner but Kidd is ready for it dumps him over the top rope. While Morrison is down and the ref is distracted, Natalya kicks him into the ribs before McIntyre assists him in returning to the ring. Smith re-enters the match and tosses John around with a series of suplexes but can’t control him and he escapes to tag Hardy back in. Matt hits the Side Effect on Smith but the pin attempt is broken up by both Drew and Tyson. All three heels look to combine for a variation of the Hart Attack but Khali pulls McIntyre and Kidd out of the ring. Morrison then hits both men with a clothesline off the ring side barricade as Hardy hits Smith with the Twist of Fate back in the ring. Khali then tags in and gives Smith the Punjabi Plunge to give his team the pinfall victory.