The Baseball Outsider – Andre Dawson, Johnny Damon, the Mets, and more…

The Mets, once again, have shown that they are the laughingstock of the New York sports market (not just baseball, all sports). Let’s see if I got this right. The Mets trade seven prospects for a pitcher that is known to have bone spurs in his pitching elbow. The Mets in a press release the Mets indicated they were aware of the spurs and did not give him an exam until spring training (after the trade). WHAT! Are you kidding? How can a major league organization accept a player with a known injury without an examination? They spent $6 million on a player that should never be part of the team. No wonder they were trying to sign pitchers who did not pitch at all in 2009. I bet the A’s gave Ben Sheets a full physical. Then again, the Mets’ Medical Staff has had a pretty good couple of years (see Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, etc.)……..I read that Kris Benson is throwing again. I bet batboys around the league are hoping for Benson to join their team. Who can forget Anna Benson’s comments regarding cheating and if Kris would cheat on his wife. Let’s just say the batboys would be part of the revenge. Let’s hope he pitches well once again for the batboys around the league……..How is Johnny Damon still jobless? Is this finally a case where the agent played the wrong hand? Did Boras cost his player cash? Many teams out there can use an outfielder with two rings and experience. How many young teams have some extra money for intangibles? Devil Rays? Tigers? Mariners? He is out there……..Although Boras is an amazing agent for many players, lets remember two of his other “excellent” moves from the past few years; having Jason Varitek decline arbitration with the Red Sox and the A-Rod fiasco……..Andre Dawson will be an Expo in the Hall of Fame. He is upset about this decision, he wants to be remembered as a Cub. People forget that the Hall of Fame is not actually affiliated with Major League Baseball. They are an independent organization that makes their decision based upon the team in which the player made the biggest impact upon the game. Do you think this decision made Gary Carter happy? Until this decision, Carter was the only Expo to be in the Hall of Fame and since the team moved, there can be no more. Not bad representation for a deceased organization, Gary Carter and Andre Dawson……..How much is Joe Mauer worth for ten years, $250 million? $300 million? More? Moving into a new stadium and being the heart of the organization, this could be the biggest decision the organization will ever make……..Inside Pulse will soon be presenting various “Team’s of the Decade”. Two names came to mind right away, First Baseman Albert Pujols and Closer Mariano Rivera. Any Team of the Decade without those two players is not complete and “Shenanigans” will be declared……..The Yankees brought their World Series trophy to Japan, but they could have made a lot more friends I they brought back Hideki Matsui to the organization for 2010 and had him head the trophy tour. I would have sold t-shirts in Japan of Matsui with the World Series trophy and the World Series MVP trophy. I bet they could have made $6 million on those sales alone. That could have paid for his salary all by itself. How come I can think of that and no one from the Yankees can?……..Let me see if I understand this. I remember Upper Deck baseball cards (especially the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card) was the talk of the industry when they started in 1989. Now MLB is suing Upper Deck because MLB signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Topps. Upper Deck produced 2010 cards with logos, so MLB sues. Be careful with logo use!……..

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