Blu-ray News: Disney Shuffling Classic Titles

Ultimate Disney is reporting that for the first half of 2010 not a single classic animated Disney title will be released on the high-def format. Fantasia and Fantasia 2000, which were slated for May 2010, have been bumped to December. Beauty and the Beast is still scheduled for October, and fans wanting to hear “Hakuna Matata” in HD surround sound will have to wait until October 2011.

Back in August 2009, Ultimate Disney had reported that Dumbo would be released on Blu-ray in February 2010. Then in November, it went up on the Disney site, with a release date of February 2. However, that date came and went without a formal announcement pertaining to its delay in release.

Dumbo may not be available in the U.S. but readers at have reported the title as being available to rent in Mexico, and will be released for sale on February 12.

It is also up for preorder in France (release date February 17), Germany (March 11), the UK (March 22) and Spain (March 24).

Source: Ultimate Disney,

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