Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Report 02/05/10

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After a brief intro featuring Edge and his return to the WWE, we get the normal show opening as well as a tease for special footage from Raw. Chris Jericho then makes his way to the ring for a promo and he is less than pleased. Jericho is unhappy with his loss at the Royal Rumble and is just as unhappy with Edge’s return. He calls out Teddy Long to register a formal complaint but he does not answer. Chris decides to go look for him but Edge is in his office instead. They both claim the other will regret Edge’s return and Jericho leaves without incident.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match – John Morrison def Drew McIntyre & Kane: Morrison opens by throwing shots at both opponents and tries rolls up Drew for a quick pin attempt. McIntyre and Morrison then combine for a double DDT on Kane but their teamwork is short lived as they immediately attack each other. John launches himself at McIntyre near the ropes and they both tumble over the top and we get some commercials.

As we return to action McIntyre and Kane are brawling in the ring but Morrison is back in as soon as Kane goes for a cover. McIntyre hits Morrison with a tilt-the-world backbreaker but the pin attempt is broken up by the Big Red Machine. Kane climbs to the top rope but Morrison leaps up to kick him in the head. McIntyre clotheslines Morrison over the top rope and then tires to superplex Kane but fails. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Morrison is back in and interrupts with a springboard kick on both men. Morrison hits an around the world DDT on McIntyre but can’t get the pinfall and Kane takes turns pounding on both men in opposite corners. Kane gets a sideslam on John for a two count then follows with his flying clothesline. Kane looks for the chokeslam but McIntyre hits him with the IC title and then nails him with the Future Shock. Morrison breaks up the pinfall with a shining wizard then hits Starship Pain on Kane to get the pin and a spot in the title match.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match – R-Truth def Mike Knox: Truth begins with some of his acrobatic dodging but Knox answers by flooring him with his huge somewhat flying crossbody and gets an early nearfall. Mike charges Truth near the ropes and goes flying out over the top rope. Truth flies out after him with a slingshot senton and then quickly pushes him back into the ring. Truth sets him up for the ax kick but Knox dodges it only to get leveled by the Lie Detector instead and that’s enough for Truth to get the pinfall.

After the match we get a replay of Bret Hart’s confrontation this Monday with Vince McMahon on Raw. In addition to that we get bonus footage of what took place after Raw went off the air as John Cena ran out to stop Batista and Vince from inflicting further damage on the Hitman. Basically the black and white footage is Batista beating up Cena and Batista Bombing him on the cold steel of the ring steps.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice, CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society were also watching this disturbing footage. Punk considers that the evil Batista might have similar plans for him tonight and is worried about the future of their cause should Dave be successful with those dastardly plans. He then challenges Luke and Serena to help him defeat Batista and his wonder twins accept this honorable task.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match – CM Punk def Batista: Dave seems overly amused with Punk and his entourage and begins the match by smirking and chilling in the corner. Both Punk and the ref try to get him to begin the match but instead he simply leaves the ring and smirks his way up the ramp as the ref counts him out and awards the match to CM Punk. The Society then celebrates like they are going to Disneyland.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match – Chris Jericho def Matt Hardy: Before he makes his way to the ring matt stops to congratulate Maria on her other TV show cause he’s a big sweetie. Hardy backs his foe into a corner to start and Jericho responds by taking a timeout. Once Chris climbs back in he doesn’t fare much better and when he charges Hardy near the ropes and he gets back dropped out of the ring. Matt then follows with a clothesline from the ring apron but Jericho turns the tide by lamming him into the ring steps. Chris climbs back in the ring and tries to win the match by count out but Hardy is able to just barely beat the ref’s count. Jericho goes on the attack but soon misses a shoulder block in the corner and Matt answers with a neckbreaker. Hardy then follows with his clothesline/bulldog combo and it is enough for a long two count. Lionsault by Jericho gets a nearfall and Matt answers with the Side Effect for one of his own. Chris tries a pin attempt with the assistance of the ropes but can’t hold Hardy down for three. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Jericho holds onto the top rope and then hits the Codebreaker for the pinfall and spot in the Elimination Chamber match.

After a brief recap of the Women’s title match at the Royal Rumble, Mickie James comes down to the ring for a promo.  She pats herself on the back for her recent title win and for taking the high road in her feud with Michelle McCool. Beth Phoenix interrupts to congratulate Mickie while reminding her of how awesome she is and her Rumble appearance was. Vickie Guerrero then excuses herself to make a tag-team match between them and Michelle McCool and Layla.

Beth Phoenix & Mickie James def Layla & Michelle McCool: Beth starts off against Michelle and tosses her around for a bit but McCool attacks her leg to get back into the match. Matt Striker calls McCool a submission specialist and I try to keep my dinner down as she continues to attack the leg of the Glamazon. Layla tries to get involved but gets bounced off the ring apron by Phoenix who regains control of McCool and takes her over to her corner to tag in Mickie. However Beth does not leave the ring and instead decks both James and McCool before leaving the ring. Michelle is able to reach her corner to tag in Layla who then falls victim to a quick roll-up by James that ends the match.

Cryme Tyme joins us from a backstage hallway for a Memphis styled version of “Word Up”. This week’s word is “KING” and they use it to pay tribute to BB King, Elvis and of course Jerry Lawler. The WWE’s king then makes a rare Smackdown appearance to holla at his boys and they decide to leave to go find some puppies.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match – Rey Mysterio def Dolph Ziggler: Dolph quickly takes Rey down and taunts him. A clothesline from Ziggler leads to a series of pinning attempts from both men. A brief slugfest leads to Mysterio head scissoring Dolph under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Rey continues his attack with a dive out of the ring but gets caught trying to follow up after forcing Ziggler back inside. After an exchange on the apron, Rey climbs to the top rope but Ziggler hits him with a dropkick as he leaps from the top rope and covers him for a two count. Mysterio gets set up for the 619 off their next exchange but Dolph slides out of the ring and into a commercial break.

As we return to Memphis, Ziggler seems to be in control and hits a super-plex for a nearfall. After being grounded and pounded for a bit, Rey makes a comeback with a slingshot senton then nails a kick on a roll-thru reversal for a nearfall. Rey’s reverse DDT gets him another two count, but Ziggler catches another offensive attempt for a slam and a nearfall of his own. Dolph hits Mysterio with a backbreaker then looks for a suplex but Rey rolls him up for the pin and the final spot in the Elimination Chamber match. After the match Ziggler tries to get revenge by attacking Mysterio but gets hit with the 619 instead.

So Smackdown’s main event inside the demonic steel for the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view will be the Undertaker defending his title against CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and R Truth.

Main Event Interview – The Cutting Edge: Edge lets us know that he is glad to be back and says that all of the hard work during his rehab was worth it. He replays the footage of his confrontation with Sheamus from Raw and is then interrupted by Chris Jericho. They bicker back and forth for a bit until CM Punk interrupts to save the segment (and all of you). After Punk preaches for a bit, the lights go out and the Undertaker appears once they come back on. Edge and Taker clear Jericho and the Society out of the ring and then stare each other down as the show ends.