The People’s Column: Breakthroughs of 2010

In all of the talk about the best of the past, I feel that many have lost sight of what could be the future.  I’ve read list after list about the best matches and superstars of the decade, but I wanted to write something a little different.  This is my own personal wishlist/prediction of who the top five breakout stars of 2010 will be.

#5 – Cody Rhodes – I have been impressed with his involvement in the Legacy implosion storyline has been so far.  I was worried that he would be lost in the shuffle, playing second fiddle to Ted and Randy.  Cody Rhodes can talk better than most of the WWE roster.  He can also get it done in the ring.  The son of the American Dream can be a big star.  I believe that he will have a breakout summer and fall, possible with a rivalry with Ted DiBiase.  Before the end of the year, Cody will have captured a major singles title and be positioned and a true star.

#4 – John Morrison – Some would say that 2009 was more of his breakout year.  After his phenomenal championship match with Jeff Hardy on Smackdown this summer, JoMo has been around, but not quite at the top of the card.  After Wrestlemania, he will establish a permanent spot there.  He is so low on this list because he has already truly broken out, but he just has one step more.  With athleticism and the ability to put on amazing matches (Hardy, Punk, Mysterio) JoMo will have a career making year in 2010.  This likely includes a World Championship victory.

#3 – Kofi Kingston – Another star that broke out in 2009 and will continue to do so in 2010.  Kofi is still finding his personality, but the passion and anger shown in his feud with Randy Orton certainly helped him get there.  Kofi is a great athlete and is still learning to tell a story in the ring.  He will be another breakout star of summer and fall this year.  It would not surprise me to see him around the main event of Wrestlemania 27.

#2 – Ted DiBiase – As a member of Legacy, he stood out over the summer in a feud with DX.  Now, it looks like the writing is on the wall for a Legacy breakup.  With a spot in the Raw Elimination Chamber, he will have another chance to be in the ring with main eventers, and will hopefully have a quality performance inside.  After that, there is a featured Wrestlemania match and hopefully some intense rematches with his mentor, Randy Orton.  His stock will be high and he could a the surprise World Champion of the year.  Ted has been a star in waiting since his debut, now he will step into that potential.

#1 – The Miz – Possibly a surprise number one, but no one has star in the waiting written all over them like The Miz.  He has the ability to garner more heat than almost anyone on the roster with a promo.  When he comes out and talks, it doesn’t seem like the sterile, scripted WWE environment.  His character has the potential to really climb up the card this year, after a substantial United States Championship run.  In the last year The Miz has shown that he is one of the best mid card acts in years.  He will be a man event heel by the end of the year, I guarantee it.  He could possibly become a world champion, although his significant reign will be in the years to come, and not 2010.

There you have it.  These are my picks for 2010’s breakout stars.  Now please let me know what you think.  Feel free to comment, there is a good chance I’ll respond.  I guarantee that I will read them.

Now, as a closing bonus, my abridged thoughts on the Royal Rumble.  This was the first PPV I have ordered since Wrestlemania, and it was awesome.  The Rumble match itself was booked in a new and unique way.  Last year, there were too many men in the ring at once, but this year, they never let it get fuller than about five stars.  This led to a new dynamic of stars in the match.  Notable performances go to CM Punk, who was the star of the first third of the match and Shawn Michaels who had the crowd in the palm of his hands every time he was anywhere close to the ropes.  Edge’s return was a nice surprise and his win was an even bigger one.  The Road to Wrestlemania should be a fun one.

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