Weekly Capsule Reviews 02-03-2010

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3(DC Comics, Rucka and Scott, $2.99)- A good enough ending. I liked the exploration of the character and the interaction with Mera as a Red Lantern. Rucka really did a stand out job with the script, he definitely has a great voice for the character and if you read his run on Wonder Woman, really writes her very very well. Scott’s art was somewhat muted. It had to be the finishes or inks. Her signature clean layouts and storytelling were there. Great anatomy, gesture and expression. But something was flat. I think I expected more emotion, more punch considering Maxwell Lord managed to last through most of it.All in all the series ended well, but certainly the first issue was by far the best.

7 out of 10

Milestone Forever #1(DC Comics, McDuffie, Leon and Bright, $5.99) – I saw this on the rack and was very excited. Not sure what DC was thinking with the format. The $5.99 price tag wasn’t a big deal to me, but I am certain it discouraged new readers. Then again I am not sure the intent was to really get new readers. Even after reading it I am not sure a new reader would take to it. Not that it’s bad. I enjoyed it. But I have some prior knowledge of the characters and tone of the Milestone universe. For people unfamiliar I am certain it would have been a turn off. For me it was a fun ride with some familiar friends I haven’t seen a while. McDuffie introduces a crisis of sorts that the main characters. Icon, Static, Hardcore and the Blood Syndicate are unaware of as they try to settle some personal business in Dakota City. You get some fun dialogue and character moments. I love Wise Son. So him taking down the cocky Holocaust and leadership of the Blood Syndicate was great. There is even a great moment where the main characters think of forming a team and decide not to. Hilarious. The art primarily provided by Mark D. Bright gave the book the feeling of a throwback joint. It may seem dated, but it really adds to the unique tone of the Milestone universe. And also serves the story very well. I enjoyed the read, but am certain it isn’t for every one. It would be nice to see these characters updated somewhat, re-envisioned, tweaked visually and relaunched. I would buy all of it.

7 out of 10

Superman: World of New Krypton # 12(DC Comics, Rucka, Woods and Randall, $2.99): I have really enjoyed Rucka’s run. He has made Krypton(ians) interesting. And I think storywise it ends on a very strong note. Hell of cliffhanger. Is New Krypton heading back into a bottle again? The reveal of the Kryptonian traitor was somewhat unspectacular. But Rucka’s writing, especially the ongoing interactions between Zod and Kal are spectacular. Zod is much more interesting, three dimensional character then ever. The art starts very strong. Pete Woods is amazing. I think as the pages go on and Randall finishes more and more you can see some deterioration in the quality. But the strong Woods-centric pages are beautiful and even at it’s worst the art is stronger then most. Woods is a really great artist and my hope is the next project gives him more and more exposure. This guy should be drawing the JLA. He would blow the socks off comic fans and catapult that book back on top where it belongs.

8 out of 10

The Outsiders #26(DC Comics, Didio and Tan, $2.99): Not sure why I picked this up. I think it was the question on the cover “Superman and the Outsiders?”. It worked. I don’t know what to think. The writing was fine. Dan Didio does a good job with the script, the pacing and jumping back and forth between characters. And the reveal at the end is great. The Eradicator? I never saw that coming. I think the problem with this issue is that I don’t care about whats going on. Black Lightning and Katana taking on pirates? I am more interested in the bigger story what is up with Geo-Force? Has he gone nuts? If any writer is going to put action in the middle of a super-hero story it should be big…if its pirates, it should be cyborg-zombie pirates. I think the real issue is the art. Tan isn’t suited for super-heroes. Tan is hyper-stylized and dark. He worked excellently on the Final Crisis book with Spectre. But on capes it is messy and hard to follow. From the panel arrangements to the actual panels it doesn’t work. I think if you had lets say a Nicola Scott style artist as an example this book would have been much better served. I had the same problem with Tan’s GL issues. The storytelling just doesn’t work.I will pick up the next issue. I am curious where Didio is taking this? Whats up with Geo? And its obvious anything involving the Eradicator will end up a mess.

5 out of 10 (extra points taken for the art)

Nova #34(Marvel Comics, Abnett and Lanning and Asrar, $2.99): I am very disappointed. I am certain I like the overall story. The Sphinxes battling for the KA stone so they can recreate the universe in their image and they do the classic cliche move. Each select a team of champions to represent them because they are too evenly matched. Unfortunately there’s no way I can believe this match up is even taking place. It should be no contest. Not only that it is not very exciting. Asrar does well on the art but it is not his strongest work. I love his art, I am not sure if it’s the inking or th colors. Scott Hanna is a good inker. But not all inkers work on all artists. Something is missing from Asrar’s signature dynamism. This is a lackluster chapter in the War of the Sphinxes storyline.

4 out of 10

Siege #2 (Marvel Comics, Bendis and Coipel and Morales, $3.99): This is great. Not Good. Great. Bendis has really thrown down the gauntlet with this event. It is paced perfectly and full of dramatic, powerful and downright surprising moments. Characters are written perfectly. From Cap rallying the troops, to Thor’s valor even while wounded and faced with overwhelming odds to Ares coming to the realization he has been played a stooge in Osborn’s plot (Loki’s really). And most of all the use of Sentry. You can see every thing coming to head as things reach a fevered pitch. I love this book. Bendis shines providing great dialogue for Osborn, I mean you really hate this guy and for Cap. My favorite moments in the issue is Thor standing his ground and Osborn simply waving his hand and send Sentry on his way to deal with him as if Thor is nothing but a nuisance. Coipel and Morales supply the highest quality art you can imagine. Incredibly vivid super hero violence and action. And great expression. This is event comics done right. Kudos to Bendis for really turning out another great issue. When I say this book is full of great, memorable moments its an understatement. By the time you reach the last page you can’t imagine a better scene then the one you just turned from and yet there is. Wow.

10 out 0f 10

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