10 Thoughts on RAW for 02.08.2010 feat. John Cena, Sheamus, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Big Show et al.

Hello everybody!  It’s time for 10 Thoughts! But before that, congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!  Who dat?

  1. Hornswoggle coming out in the race car was actually pretty cool.  It definitely surprised me.  Who do you think was driving?  He couldn’t reach the pedals, could he?
  2. Carl Edwards is much better on the mic than his NASCAR counterparts were a few months back.  His opening segment was pretty good.  Then Christian comes out and I cheered like a 4 year old.  Seriously, I cheered out loud.  I haven’t done that in a while.  “Snaggletooth”.  HA!  Now the opening segment is great.
  3. Christian vs. Sheamus was decent.  Probably the best match Sheamus has been involved in.  I understand that Sheamus needs to look strong and the WWE title is “bigger” than the ECW one, but I hated to see Christian jobbing there.  At least he was on RAW.
  4. I’m surprised that the Batista beat down of John Cena wasn’t on live TV.  Would’ve been great to be a part of the crowd at the event though.
  5. It would’ve been great if the Straight Edge Society beat up Jared from Subway.  Just saying.
  6. The Triple Threat match for the tag titles was pretty good.  It did it’s job of creating further tension within DX and it’s going to be fun to watch the Miz walk down the aisle with 3 belts.  I still think the straps should’ve gone on Punk and Gallows though.  Michaels going crazy later on and superkicking Teddy Long and proclaiming “My career is over” is genius.
  7. I thought ShowMiz’ interview after winning the belts was hilarious.  First, Big Show addresses Chris Jericho and states that Miz treats him as an equal.  Then, when the Miz tries to name the team MizShow, Big Show sets him straight and Miz agrees in an “okay, whatever you say” kinda way.  This is going to be a fun team to watch.
  8. I’m shocked that Cody Rhodes beat Randy Orton even if it’s with help from Sheamus.  It looks like we really are going to get an Orton face turn.
  9. John Cena going crazy and beating up DiBiase was kinda dumb.  If you’re trying to get DiBiase over as a legitimate main eventer by putting him in the Elimination Chamber match,  you can’t have him be punked by Cena.  It makes him look too weak.  Where’s Evan Bourne when you need him?  Isn’t that the whole reason he’s on RAW?
  10. I love full-on heel Vince McMahon.  His strut gets better week in and week out.  And then screaming “you deserve to be screwed” while running away from Bret Hart is perfect heel behavior.


Another good RAW this week.  I can’t wait for next week with Jerry Springer as guest host!

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