White Collar Episode 1-10 Review

Finally an episode where Kate was not mentioned once! Sure she provides a story lines and all but I’m sure the show could do fine without her. I was really expecting a big Kate episode this week after last week’s flower code ending but I was pleasantly surprised. Who cares what the flower means, Neal just needs to cut ties with her already and move on. Neal would be able to find a new girl in a second and without Kate as leverage Fowler would lose any power he has to manipulate Neal. Of course that would never happen cause then the writer would no longer be able to draw this plot out and have to come up with something new……but hey, I can dream.

The case in this episode was nothing creative. A girl needs a kidney transplant and is mysteriously bumped off the list. Now a charity organization is offering her a kidney but they are not going to do it for free, they want a donation of $100,000. This girl just happens to be June’s grand daughter making Neal feel like he needs to get involved to get the girl back on the list.

I have to say for such a basic story line, this episode might be my favorite so far. This episode just had so much going for it.

First off, Neal singing. I’ve been watching Matt Bomer ever since I got addicted to Traveler and so far there has not been a single show that I’ve seen him sing in before this. Is there anything this man doesn’t have? Looks, talent, and now on top of it an amazing voice. Sure, it would not make sense to incorporate into every episode but please have Neal sing some more.

Next, there’s undercover Peter. We’ve already had a few tastes of him going in undercover but this week he really went all out. Best of all, Peter had to flirt. I agree with Elizabeth that Peter is an awful flirt but he got the job done and it was quite amusing to watch.

Last notable thing would be crazy Mozzie. Not that he really had to do much acting here, he’s  already FBI paranoid enough to be deemed crazy. I also love the fact that when Neal told him he could stop shaking he said that he wasn’t faking that, hospitals freak him out. After seeing what they did to Neal he might have a point.

There are a few things that bothered me in this episode, although they are pretty minor. Where did Mozzie go? We see him disguising himself as a janitor and then he just disappears. Being such a close friend to Neal, I would think he would at least wait outside to make sure Neal makes it out. I think it would have made sense for Mozzie to call Peter and tell him that Neal never came out rather than Peter getting a fax than retrieving the location of Neal’s anklet. Also, what did Neal pick the locks with? I’m no an expert on lock picking but I’m sure that you need to pick the lock with something, not just magic.  If he had something than ok he used that but its hard to get something when you’re already strapped down to a bed and drugged. I know this is just me nitpicking but I can’t help it I’m a detail oriented person.

In the end of course they succeed in getting June’s grand daughter back on the recipient list and the bad guys go to jail. It’s always nice to see a happy ending when the victim of the story is an innocent child.

Coming up on White Collar…Peter feels that there is something off while investigating a home invasion turned murder and brings Neal in to assist. Neal comes in and notices that their witness’ id is a fake. Looks like a good one so be sure to tune in.


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