WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 2/7/10

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On Vintage this week we’ll be looking back at matches from Superstars from various generations of families.

Our first match is between Ivan Putski & Scott Putski and Jerry “The King” Lawler & Brian Christopher. From July 14, 1997. We get straight into things as Lawler & Christopher immediately manage to push Ivan out of the ring and start work on Scott. A double team with a double back body drop kicks this off, and they go for a second double team, but Scott is able to stop Lawler with an uppercut punch, and Christopher goes down with a sitout powerbomb and a backbreaker. Lawler tries to get involved, and they use the chance to have Christopher hold onto Scott. Lawler hits a dropkick but Scott is able to duck and it hits Christopher. Scott gets up and hits his own dropkick on Lawler, he pushes Christopher into the ropes, and into a clothesline. Scott tries again to send Christopher running into the ropes, but he reverses it, and uses the momentum to slingshot Scott into the ropes. A kick and a punch are hit, but Scott is able to stay on top of things with a flying elbow slowing the pace down. As Scott runs the ropes again, Lawler is able to grab his legs and trip him. Scott rolls to the outside, where Lawler and Christopher double team. After being thrown into the steps, Scott is rolled back into the ring, and they stay on top of the match by slamming his head into the canvas before going for the tag. Lawler comes in, and Ivan tries to come in, but the ref stops him. The distraction allows Lawler & Christopher to work on Scott. Christopher hits a suplex, tags in Lawler and he hits a piledriver to a two count. Christopher breaks up the pin screaming “let me”. Christopher goes up high and misses with a leg drop. Scott comes back with a bodyslam, but a double clothesline brings both men down. Lawler gets the tag, but the double team leaves Lawler down on the ground after a punch that missed Scott. Ivan gets the tag here and comes flying in and dominates Lawler. While Scott and Christopher brawl on the outside, Ivan hits a polish hammer and gets the three count on Lawler.

As we come back in from the break, we’re shown a really lovely piece on Cowboy Bob Orton and Randy Orton. Complete with a nice bunch of photos from Orton Jr growing up. Our next match is between Cowboy Bob Orton and Rowdy Roddy Piper, from Nov 15, 1986. As we come in, we see Don Muraco on the outside as he tries to assist Orton. As he gets up onto the apron, the ref gets involved and Muraco is removed from ringside by security. This match finally gets started as the two men exchange punches, Piper gets the initial upper hand with a running bulldog, and Orton tries to gain a break by backing up and pleading to Piper. From here Piper whips Orton into the corner, and after a few punches, Piper pulls him out a little and delivers a massive knee to knock Orton down. Piper throws Orton into the ropes, and he’s able to reverse things, a punch, an elbow and a kick keep Piper down. And another knee gets a two count. Orton goes for a few quick covers, but it ends when he misses an elbow. Piper gets to standing, and Jimmy Hart tries to grab him. When Orton goes to punch him, he ducks, and as Orton spins around, Piper hits a punch that knocks Orton into Hart. A quick roll up and a three count leaves Rowdy Roddy Piper as the winner in this one.

And before we go to an ad break, we get another really short promo on Randy Orton.

Coming back in, our third match is from April 25, 2002 and is between Randy Orton and Hardcore Holly. This is Orton’s WWE debut. Straight into things, Orton gets a nice takedown, but Holly gets straight back into it getting a headlock in and a shoulder knocks Orton down. But as things go, Orton gets an arm drag and hits what looks like an RKO and we get a two count. Holly is able to get back with a massive clothesline straight into a series of punches. Holly then hangs Orton from the ropes and kicks him in the midsection before hitting him on the back and winding him through the ropes before hitting some chops. Orton gets straight back, throwing Holly neck first over the top rope before hitting a dropkick to a two count. A couple of punches and an elbow, then Orton climbs the ropes but Holly is able to stop him and he climbs to the second rope. Orton pushes him off backwards and goes for a cross body. Holly is able to use the momentum to roll the pin over for a two count. Both men get to standing and Orton hits a drop toe hold before he is able to hold Holly down and get the three count and the win.

Before we get into our next match, which will feature The Rock, we go into a promo about his family history. The Rock was the first third generation superstar in the WWE.

Our next match is from January 13, 1997 and it features The Rock (Rocky Maivia) up against The British Bulldog with Bret Hart on guest commentary. Getting into the match, Rock has Bulldog in an arm wringer, and the camera cuts to Owen Hart walking down to the ring. In-ring, Bulldog breaks the hold and manages to send Rock to the outside. Again we cut to watch Owen stand infront of the announce table staring down at Bret. Outside the ring, Bulldog sends Rock into the steel steps. And we go again to look at Owen staring at Bret. In-ring again, Bulldog is working away at Rock, and yet again Bulldog sends Rock to the outside of the ring. Back at the announce table again, Owen hasn’t moved. Cutting back to the in-ring action, Rock is able to jump back into the ring and get a two count on Bulldog. A clothesline knocks Rock back down again, and Owen still hasn’t moved. Bulldog throws Rock and is able to get in a side headlock. A split screen shows the submission move in one side, and Owen still staring down Bret in the other. Rock gets back to standing, a couple of elbows break the hold, and he hits a cross body to a two count. Bulldog goes straight into setting up Rock with a standing suplex. In-ring Bulldog hits a leg drop and goes back into a side headlock again. Getting back to standing, again the elbows from the Rock break the hold, but both men clash when they both go for flying shoulders at the same time. Getting back to standing, Rock hits a series of punches and a couple of clotheslines before sending Bulldog over the top rope with a clothesline. On the outside, Bulldog sends Rock flying into the railing, and out of nowhere, Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up and knocks Bulldog down with a punch to the back of the knee and we cut back to Bret trying to run after Stone Cold with Owen following them. In-ring, the official is up to a 9 count before Rock is able to slide back into the ring and get the win. Bulldog is counted out.

Our next match is hyped up with a package featuring the events leading up to a match at Summerslam 1990, where Mr Perfect held the IC belt. A few highlights from the match show how the Texas Tornado Kerry von Erich won the belt. And the reaction from Mr Perfect to that. As we get into the match, we see the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase pay off Howard Finkle to be able to do the ring announcing for this match.

This match comes from December 15, 1990 and is between Mr Perfect and the Texas Tornado, Kerry von Erich for the Intercontinental Championship. The men lock up, and Perfect ends up being thrown into the turnbuckle. The second time they lock up, Perfect hits an arm drag, and the third time they lock up, Tornado is picked up and bodyslammed. Tornado is pushed into the turnbuckle and given a chop, but he comes straight back, bodyslamming Perfect before throwing him out of the ring over the top rope. We go to an ad break here.

Coming back in, Tornado starts to work on Perfect’s arm, winding his arm around. Perfect grabs his hair and breaks the hold, but Tornado manages to hit a massive spinning punch to knock Perfect down. A kick and a series of punches in the corner, and Tornado tries to throw Perfect into the other corner and comes running after him. Perfect gets the upper hand here by kicking Tornado as he runs into the corner, and then delivers some punches. Tornado goes for a reversal, but ends up getting thrown into the turnbuckles. While he’s hanging there, Ted DiBiase hits him with a punch. Perfect stomps on Tornado, and then hits a dropkick that knocks him out of the ring. As Tornado is on the outside, the ref is distracted by Bobby Heenan and DiBiase sends Tornado flying into the ring post. Perfect comes out of the ring to throw Tornado back in. Perfect starts punching Tornado in the corner, but the ref is trapped behind him. Perfect tries to send Tornado to the opposite ring post, but he reverses and sends Perfect flying backwards into the ref, knocking the ref down. Tornado is able to smack Perfect’s head into the corner, and then deliver a massive punch that knocks Perfect down and out. He goes for the cover, but there is no ref, and DiBiase climbs into the ring with the title belt and hits Tornado over the head with it. DiBiase starts to rouse Perfect, and Heenan is trying to wake the ref. Perfect finds it hard, but he eventually able to get the limp body of Tornado up and into a Perfectplex. The ref comes around, and makes the three count. Mr Perfect gets the win, and the title.

That’s all she wrote for this week, and next week we’ll be looking back on events that somehow relate to Valentines Day. Should be interesting to see how they pull that off.