10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 2/4/10

10. The recap of the “drama” in TNA really only made me go, “oh I’d forgotten that”. Because it seems that 90% of TNA seems to be forgettable these days. Which is unfortunate for those of us who actually want to be able to like TNA.

9. The lights going off used to signify Suicide, apparently now it’s the lead in for Mr Anderson. Makes me miss them using Suicide actually.

8. Every single time I see Bischoff I literally get the urge to either hit the fast forward button, or throw the remote through the TV. Both seem like appropriate responses.

7. I loved this when Foley said it, “Power should be limited to those who are not in love with it”.

6. So, this seems like the newest thing to do. Throw random people who’d finally given the in-ring career stuff a well deserved break, into a match that they aren’t going to be able to win. Great.

5. JB came back briefly to put yet another comparison there between WCW and TNA. Please stop writing reminders of WCW into the TNA shows. We all know how WCW died, and it smelled very similar to the stink leaving TNA at the moment.

4. Samoa Joe manages to make every match he is in interesting to watch.

3. Styles / Dinero was actually a really good match. Proof of what TNA talent is capable if given the chance.

2. I was left cringing for poor Tara and that little “wardrobe malfunction” at the end of the match. Mostly because it came at the end of what was a great match, and really overshadowed the work both women put into the match.

1. So, Foley needs just the one barbed wire bat, and Nash needs an entire shopping trolley of goods. Do you get the feeling that one party is much more confident in this type of match?

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