Lost – Episode 6-3 Review

“So, as you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position. So that’s pretty great.”

As was that line, Miles. As was that line.

I have to admit something. To tell you the truth, Jack and everybody kinda did deserve to get their asses kicked at the beginning of the episode. After all they’ve seen and all they’ve been through – first during their 108 days on the island, then during the three years off of the island, and finally during the TIME TRAVELING that occurred when they returned to the island – are they really STILL at the point that they’re demanding answers to questions? I’m not going to pretend to be even close to understanding what they’ve been through – and I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for them to go through so many unbelievable things and for them to get so few answers (a lot of what the audience has learned has not been shared with the characters), but it just feels like they’ve outgrown the phase of making threats and demands. And to be fair, the Others should acknowledge that the Losties aren’t exactly some flash in the pan stranger who’s just flying through (Henry Gale!) I think these guys have earned their stripes, and deserve some solid answers.

I’m a rather outspoken Jack-Kate shipper, but honestly, how can anybody watch tonight’s episode and possibly argue that Sawyer and Kate should end up together? Sawyer is a man so immensely in love with Juliet that for him to end up with Kate so shortly after her death would seem like a betrayal of that relationship. That being said, I thought the scenes between Kate and Sawyer were magnificent. Kate’s acknowledgement of her role in Juliet’s death (which I discussed in my Revisited column) showed a self awareness that is sometimes lacking in the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle. Sawyer’s heart wrenching response, that it’s his fault because he convinced her to stay on the island all those years ago, was utterly powerful. These two did a phenomenal job.

I also really enjoyed yet another fake out, where we’re led to believe that Kate’s motivations are her (possible) feelings for Sawyer, only for us to later learn that she’s truly determined to reunite her adoptive son with his biological mother. And for that matter, I really enjoyed the Kate/Claire story in the flash sideways, as well. It showed that these two characters are eternally linked. Or, at the very least, that Kate and Aaron will always have a bond. Kate was there for his birth on the island and later raises him as her own, and he assists his mother during a difficult time – at great personal risk – in the flash sideways. This tied in nicely with that constant theme of destiny. And hey! Doyle the Puppeteer was the cowardly cab driver!

I initially felt like Ethan as the doctor was some great casting, as it showed what some of these Others could have been had they not been brought to the island. Yet, upon closer thought, it created a bit of a contradiction. In the flash sideways, the island is underwater. But the barracks are built, which means that the Dharma Initiative had come to the island, which leads me to believe that the hydrogen explosion of 1977 was responsible for the sinking island. However, as we know, Ethan was on the island in 1977. Theories?

Of course, I don’t want to completely overlook the Jack and Kate stuff. Sure, they only shared two or three scenes together, but you couldn’t have missed their longing gazes. I also liked the way Jin called her out on her crap.

Oh, and did anybody else think that the test Sayid had to go through was to make sure he’s actually alive, and not some ghostly incarnation of Smokey D? Although, it seems, there might be a connection between “dark” Claire and Christian after all. And perhaps Claire did “die” in that barracks attack, as many of us (including me) have theorized.

And is anybody else thrilled that Dogen evidently won’t be speaking in another language – sans subtitles – for the entire season? Thank goodness for small favors!

Anyway, that’s it for me this week. I think I’ll be posting my Revisited column Sunday night, so be sure to send me your thoughts. You can e-mail me, visit my blog, or simply sound off below! I got some great feedback last week, so keep up the great interaction!

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