JR Blog: The Rock, Tito Ortiz Wrestling, Ahmed Johnson

Jim Ross checks in with a post-Raw blog, here are some wrestling highlights:

on The Rock
Dwayne Johnson reiterated what we have said here for the longest time and that is that he isn’t interested in stepping back in the ring as a wrestler but doing a speaking role and having fun on a wrestling show would be more to his liking. Bottom line, one takes Dwayne any way one can get him as he is a huge star who will pop a TV rating which is the holy grail for wrestling promoters.

on Tito Ortiz in wrestling
Tito Ortiz knows how to incite folks verbally which is exactly the skills necessary for an old school, wrestling manager. Know what to say and when to say it. PO people into buying tickets to see the bad guys get their ass whipped. Simple “formula” that still works. It even has a trendy name…”Talking Trash.” There are perceived good guys in this world and perceived bad guys in existence and anyone that thinks otherwise is detached from reality. Some folks like cheering for the “bad guys” which is cool but it still doesn’t change the fact that our basic human nature is what it is and we draw opinions as to what we like or don’t like as a natural course of just being human.

on the whereabouts of Ahmed Johnson
Someone emailed us and asked the whereabouts of the former Ahmed Johnson. I have no idea but I do remember that Bill Watts was working in Connecticut at the time Ahmed came in and Cowboy wanted to call him “Big Buck Johnson.” Whew. If any one wants to update us on the whereabouts of the the artist formerly known as Ahmed Johnson, please feel free to do so. He was a unique cat to say the least.

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