One Year in Knoxville – February 8, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. The camera cut to commentary to show that Caudle was joined this week at commentary by Jim Cornette as Caudle told us that we’d be seeing Hollywood Bob Holly and Hustler Rip Rogers. Cornette added that Dutch Mantell would face Scott Armstrong and the Fantastics would square off against the Koloffs. Cornette also said that he was looking forward to seeing Holly in action.

We headed to the ring where Tim Frye was waiting. A moment later David Bowie’s Fame started playing to usher out Hollywood Bob Holly.

The two locked up with Holly getting one of Frye’s arms before hammering that arm and throwing him to the mat as Cornette put him over. Another lockup saw the routine repeated (with the help of a handful of hair). Frye grabbed Holly’s hair and pulled him down as Cornette spotted Ron Wright at ringside. Cornette ran down Wright’s story of the needed operation as Frye started yanking on Holly’s arm before going to an arm wringer.

Holly kicked his way free and then took a hip toss and two arm drags before Frye locked in an armbar. Holly punched Frye and elbowed the back of Frye’s neck before dropping the leg. Holly covered for a two count and hit a backbreaker as Cornette told us that Paul Orndorff would also be here today.

Holly dropped an elbow and got another two count. Holly pulled Frye up by the hair and put him down with a big boot. Another cover got a two. Holly kicked Frye and suplexed him for another two count.

Frye punched and kicked his way free and took Holly down into another armbar. Frye dropped a leg on the arm and locked in the wringer again. Holly escaped an Irish whip and hit a back elbow on the charging Frye. Holly slammed Frye and dropped a knee from the top rope. Holly dropped the straps and covered for the three count.

We then heard from the Koloffs. Ivan said that only Jackie had saved Bobby Fulton’s career, but now he had Vladimir with him. He added that Vladimir was even better than Nikita had been and we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear from Robert Gibson. Gibson told everyone that he’d been out of action due to knee surgery and he was ready for action now.

We then headed to the ring, where Rip Rogers was set to face Paul Orndorff. Rogers jawed at the crowd while Orndorff didn’t take his eyes off Rogers. Cornette mentioned that Orndorff hated the approach that big companies were taking.

Finally Orndorff did look away and Rogers made his move. Rogers clocked Orndorff from behind and bounced his head off the turnbuckle. Orndorff reversed an Irish whip, took Rogers down, and started nailing clotheslines.

Rogers bailed and Orndorff followed. Orndorff bounced Rogers’s head off the apron and sent him into the security barricade. Orndorff hit Rogers with the microphone and hit a top rope elbow. Orndorff then yanked Rogers away from the ropes and dropped a low elbow. Orndorff dropped another elbow and went to an armbar.

Rogers fought free and got power slammed by Orndorff before Orndorff went back to the armbar. Rogers raked Orndorff’s back and hit a clothesline to escape. Rogers stomped away and Orndorff fell to the floor.

Rogers sent Orndorff into the barricade and then sent him into the timekeeper’s chair. Rogers threw Orndorff back in and hit a clubbing blow before hitting a snap mare and dropping an elbow.

Rogers then locked in a sleeper. Orndorff’s arm dropped twice and then he fell forward to send Rogers chin-first into the turnbuckle. Orndorff rolled Rogers up in a small package that got a 1. Rogers stomped Orndorff and then Orndorff reversed a suplex. Orndorff hit a knee lift and Rogers called for a time out.

Orndorff punched Rogers and Rogers got tied up in the ropes. Orndorff punched him a couple of times and Rogers kicked Orndorff. Rogers went for a piledriver (which Cornette noted was illegal) and Orndorff back dropped him. Orndorff sat down and got the three count.

We went to commercial and saw a promo spot where Caudle interviewed “Nitro” Danny Davis, who expressed his pleasure at being in the company. We also talked to Bob Armstrong, who said that SMW was trying to bring the sport of wrestling back in a family-friendly format. Armstrong also promised fines for rule breakers and affordable ticket prices for the fans.

We came back to hear from Brian Lee. Lee said that it was easy for Mantell to criticize him from behind a desk but Lee could settle their problems at any time.

We then headed to the ring where Scott Armstrong was waiting. Dutch Mantell made his way to the ring, bullwhip in hand, as “Rawhide” played.

As Cornette told Caudle where Oil Trough, Texas was Mantell and Armstrong traded arm wringers with Armstrong getting the upper hand until Mantell pulled his hair to escape. Another lockup saw both men trading armbars until Armstrong took Mantell down into an armbar. A hair pull helped Mantell escape and he got hip tossed and dropkicked for his trouble.

Mantell then raked Armstrong’s eyes and slammed him into the turnbuckle. Mantell snapmared Armstrong down and locked in an abdominal stretch (with one hand on the ropes for good measure). Finally Mantell got caught and had to break the hold.

Armstrong rolled Mantell up for a two count and then missed a dropkick. Mantell stomped Armstrong and then took him down with a short-arm clothesline. Mantell dropped a knee and went to an armbar.

Armstrong punched his way free and Mantell pulled Armstrong’s hair to put him down. Mantell returned to the armbar and punched Armstrong to the outside. Mantell punched Armstrong and threw him back in.

Armstrong caught a kick and then started slugging away. The ref backed off Armstrong as Mantell picked up his bullwhip Shoo-Baby. Mantell caught Armstrong in the throat with the whip and started whipping him until Brian Lee ran in for the save. Mantell grabbed the mic and promised to introduce Lee to Shoo-Baby if he poked his nose into the Dutchman’s business again.

We then heard from Caudle and Jerry Williams, the principal of the school where the TV taping was held. Williams talked about how much he’d enjoyed putting on the show and how easy it had been to set up.

After a commercial we came back to Caudle and Bob Armstrong. Armstrong said that while Mantell could bring his whip to the ring, if he used it he’d be paying a $500 fine. Armstrong then made a match for next week – Mantell vs. Brian Lee.

Jim Cornette then came in and said he might pay Mantell’s fine – because it was worth it to see Scott Armstrong get whipped. Cornette then talked about his new top-secret tag team. He then talked about how other companies kept talent down but SMW would make champions by seeing who won the most matches. Cornette also promised that his new team would go straight to the top and we headed back to commercial.

When we came back Wally Yamaguchi (a Universal Wrestling employee) was with Bob Caudle. Yamaguchi expressed his pleasure at being there and Caudle hinted that Yamaguchi was there to scout some of the SMW talent.

We then went to tape of last week’s events regarding Bobby Fulton and Ivan Koloff. Fulton took down Ivan and Ron Wright shook Koloff’s hand. Koloff popped Fulton and covered for the win. Jackie Fulton hit the ring to tell the ref that Koloff had a foreign object. Jackie attacked Koloff and he dropped the weapon. The ref reversed the decision and Vladimir hit the ring. Vladimir and Ivan stomped Jackie and then Ivan picked up his chain. Ivan wrapped the chain around Jackie’s throat and started hanging him over the top rope. Bobby attacked Ivan to save Jackie and we went back to commentary, where Cornette was laughing at the abuse the Fultons had taken.

Caudle then showed the final interview where Bob Armstrong fined Ivan Koloff $500 and set up a match between the Koloffs and the Fantastics. Bobby said that he knew that Wright had given Koloff the object and they weren’t going to put up with that sort of action. Fulton promised to fight fire with fire and then warned Wright about what he‘d do if Wright intervened again.

We then went to an interview with Wright. Wright protested his innocence and said that all he was doing was scouting talent. Wright called himself a “poor old crippled man” and said that he’d never harmed a hair on anyone’s head in his life. Wright said that the only reason he was there was to get his surgery and we headed to commercial.

We came back to see the Koloffs in the ring. “Sharp Dressed Man” ushered out the Fantastics and we had a brawl on our hands. Bobby and Ivan battled while Jackie fought Vladimir. Soon the Koloffs bailed out while the Fantastics got a USA chant going.

Jackie waited in the ring and Vladimir came in. A lockup saw Vladimir send Jackie into the corner three times. Jackie kicked Vladimir as he came in and locked in an arm wringer. Fulton took him down and locked in an armbar.

Ivan tagged in and took Jackie down for a one count, then Jackie locked in a hammerlock and tagged in Bobby. Bobby monkey flipped Ivan down and then hit a second. Fulton covered and got a two count.

Ivan took Bobby down and kicked his leg before snapping his leg over. Bobby took a swing at Vladimir and tagged in Jackie. Jackie kept working over Ivan’s arm, took him down, and locked in an armbar.

Ivan fought free and a lockup saw Jackie grab Ivan’s arm before tagging in Bobby. Bobby charged Ivan in the corner and got a two count.

Vladimir got Jackie to distract the ref and then came off the top. Vladimir then tagged in and the Koloffs hit a double back elbow. Vladimir nailed a backbreaker on Fulton and covered for a two count.

Vladimir missed an elbow drop and Ivan tagged in. Bobby caught Ivan in the gut and Ivan punched back. Bobby7 fought back and hit a kick that convinced Vladimir to tag in.

Vladimir stomped away on Bobby, who fell to the floor. Ivan then grabbed him and slammed his head into the barricade. Bobby came back in and Bobby hit a sunset flip that the ref missed due to arguing with Jackie.

Bobby hit a back elbow and Ivan came back in. Ivan sent Bobby into the chain he had hanging in the corner and dropped a leg. Koloff covered for a two count. Ivan fought to keep Bobby away from his corner and Ivan punched Jackie. Jackie came in and while the ref was distracted the Koloffs brought Vladimir in. The Koloffs hit a double suplex and Vladimir covered for a two count.

Vladimir locked in a sleeper and Bobby fought his way up. Fulton judo-tossed Vladimir and then hit a clothesline. Both teams tagged out and Jackie hit dropkicks on both Russians before slamming them. Jackie then caught Vladimir in a headlock and Ivan in a head scissors before taking them both down.

Jackie fell to the floor and the Koloffs tried to double-team Bobby. Jackie covered Ivan for the win while Bobby battled Vladimir in the corner. Cornette protested the unfairness of the win as we saw footage of the finish.

We then went to a promotional spot where Caudle brought in Cornette for a word. Cornette talked about how much he hated going to the redneck towns before Caudle brought in Terry Gordy. Gordy talked about his world travels and how he’d wound up in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Gordy promised to make an impact wherever the company ran shows.

We came back for Caudle to have a word with Tim Horner. Horner talked about how glad he was to be wrestling in his home area and that the wrestlers would be able to compete by virtue of their skill – not by their looks or build. Caudle said goodbye and reminded everyone of the Mantell-Lee main event for next week to close the show.

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