The Office – Episode 6-16

On tonight’s “Manager and Salesman”, Sabre CEO Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) visits Scranton and decides that there is one too many branch managers.

Jo arrives at the office, endearing everyone with her southern accent. She almost immediately decides that two men doing one job is not appropriate and leaves Jim and Michael to decide who will step down from management. Meanwhile, Andy hands out Valentine’s Day cards to the entire office in an attempt to not make Erin keen to his attraction to her.

After receiving the new Sabre employee handbook/Jo Bennett autobiography, Jim and Pam read that salesmen will now make more money than management as there is no cap on commission rates. Jim submits to Michael and allows him to have the management position, but Michael soon finds out the same news.

Kelly is enamored with the V-Day card she received from Andy (meant for Erin) and believes that he’s had a secret crush on her all along. She reads Andy’s romantic card to Erin who becomes discouraged and thinks that Kelly deserves him more than she does.

Michael intrudes on a meeting between Jo and Jim and says that he would be thrilled to return to a sales position. Jo decides that because of Michael’s extensive experience in sales, that Jim will become regional manager:

“Have fun signing my commission checks, boss.”

Dwight and Ryan decide that this is the opportune time to enact their diabolical plot against Jim. Ryan proposes that they torture Jim “Saw style”, but decide instead to take advantage of the new IT technician. One ineffective threat later, their plan falls through.

Meanwhile, Michael has to cope with his new desk, including the sulfuric smell emanating from Phyllis. He begs Jim to have his office back.

Meredith tells Andy that everyone saw the card he gave Kelly and that if she had gotten it they would “be in the bathroom doing it right now.” In response, Andy sends out an email saying to disregard the card and Kelly overreacts, publicly asking him who it is he really likes. He mumbles and misses yet another opportunity to ask out Erin.

Jim and Michael approach Jo, who has become sick of the whole deal, to reverse the positions again. She lets them sort it out themselves and Jim goes back to sales.

At the close of the episode, Michael returns to his office to celebrate and Jim returns to his desk and rolls up his sleeves. Dwight and Ryan congratulate themselves on a job well done: “Jim dug his own grave, but maybe we provided the shovel.”


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