Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Report 02/12/10

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Rey Mysterio def CM Punk: The Society accompanies Punk to the ting and he is all smiles as he starts the match against Mysterio by pie facing him. Rey is not too fond of that and fires back quickly and is able to get a roll up for a two count off an early exchange. Mysterio then attacks the leg both with some well placed kicks and a submission attempt. Once both men are back to their feet, Punk uses his size advantage for a brief pin attempt before Rey counters with another roll-up. The Straight Edge savor stops Rey’s momentum with an enziguri and then locks on a head scissors. Once the hold is broken Punk lays in a few kicks before dumping Rey outside of the ring. They exchange maneuvers on the apron with a brief game of cat and mouse before Punk distances himself from the ring to take a commercial break.

When we return to action, Punk seems to be in control and gets a two count from a kick. Punk tries to dump Rey out of the ring again but he holds on and dumps Punk out instead. After Mysterio hits Punk with a senton from the apron, Serena and Luke surround Rey on the outside and this gives their leader enough of a distraction to toss Rey onto the barricade and into front row. Punk gets his opponent back into the ring and hits a tope atomico for a nearfall. A baseball slide by Punk sends Rey into the ringpost and then out of the ring. Punk then follows him out and gets in a few shots before putting him back into the ring for a another pin attempt. Rey reverses a back suplex into a bodypress for a two count but Punk goes right back on the attack getting a nearfall from a backbreaker. After a shot to the back, Punk gives the camera a smile and goes for another pin attempt but Rey kicks out. Seated surfboard stretch is applied but Rey fights out and tries to climb the ropes. But Punk is able to knock his feet out from under him and Mysterio is now hung up on the ropes. Punk takes his time following up and pays for it when Rey escapes another baseball slide attempt and this time connects with a dive from the top rope. Mysterio hits a crossbody off the ropes for a nearfall and then literally kicks Punk out of a roll-up attempt to get another long two count. Punk hits a vicious body slam for a nearfall then hits his high knee in the corner but Rey slips out of the ensuing bulldog attempt. Punk gets dropped on the ropes in 619 position but Serena blocks the move and distracts the ref. However Luke’s interference attempt fails and Punk is quickly set-up yet again for the 619 but this time Punk slips out of the way before Rey can connect. Punk picks Mysterio up for the GTS but Rey reverses into a pin attempt that gets him the win! After the match, Punk directs the Society in a three on one beatdown of Mysterio before ending the abuse with a Gallows assisted GTS.

Kane vs. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre: Drew McIntyre comes out to new music and a new entrance video that is a lot more heelish and less generic than before. McIntyre cuts a brief pre-match promo claiming to be undefeated and unstoppable. Once Kane enters, he changes his tune a bit and tries to get the match moved to next week. Kane answers by kicking him out of the ring then punching him back in. As Kane climbs to the top rope, McIntyre bails back to the outside and we get some commercials.

As action resumes Drew is working on the arm of Kane and we get a replay of the actions that led to this situation. Kane tries to slug his way out of harms way but McIntyre is up tot the challenge and gets a two count from a clothesline. Kane soon answers with two of his own before getting a sideslam for a nearfall. Kane hits his flying clothesline as well and signals for the chokeslam but Drew slips out of it. McIntyre goes for the Future Shock but Kane escapes and goes for the chokeslam again. Drew escapes the moves again only to have Kane send both men out of the ring over the top rope. Both men brawl outside the ring and the ref eventually counts both men out. After the match is over both men return to the ring with McIntyre getting the upper hand until going for his title belt which allows Kane the opportunity to chokeslam him and light the turnbuckles ablaze.

Mickie James is in the back having a snack and Michelle McCool and Layla interrupt to get heat the only way they can. Eventually some food gets involved and Mickie slaps it out of McCool’s hands and onto Vickie Guerrero who is less than pleased.

Layla & Michelle McCool def Mickie James: The match was supposed to be Mickie versus Layla but as it starts Vickie comes out and changes it to a handicapped match. Once it restarts James holds a brief advantage but eventually the numbers catch up to her and the undynamic duo get the win after McCool hits AJ Styles finisher.

After a video recap of Batista’s actions on Raw two weeks ago and Smackdown last week, Dave makes his way to the ring supposedly to discuss these things with Josh Matthews. However once he and his jean jacket are in the ring, Dave has a change of heart and decides not to say anything. He leaves the ring and does a lap around the outside of the ring so that a guy in a Cena shirt can get on camera then re-enters the ring and drops the microphone he was holding before leaving again. As he makes his way up the ramp, the crowd breaks into a Cena chant and this makes Batista made enough to go back to the ring and pick up the microphone…so that he can drop it again and leave.

Teddy Long comes out holla at all of us, and to address this Batista situation. Long announces that since Batista doesn’t feel like explaining himself, he hopes he wants to wrestle because he’ll be facing Edge…in a match next week.

Matt Hardy & The Great Khali def The Hart Dynasty: Before the match, Matt announces Maria as his valentine this year. It is a shame that Maria has such horrible taste in on-screen boyfriends. Khali starts the match against Smith, but David decides to tag in Kidd and then quickly ducks out of the ring. Khali then tosses Tyson into the ring before bringing him over to his corner to tag in Hardy. Smith distracts Matt and this allows Tyson to dropkick his way out of trouble and tag DH into the match. Smith hits a delayed vertical suplex on hardy for a two count before tagging TK back in who goes to work on Matt for awhile. Hardy answers back with a Side Effect but can’t connect with the Twist of Fate before getting tripped up by Natalya. Maria then launches herself at Natty and somewhere Joey Styles is screaming catfight. Everyone gets distracted by the girls and Tyson and Matt exchange roll-up attempts with Hardy winning that battle by holding Kidd down for a three count.

R-Truth def John Morrison: We get a friendly handshake to start but very quickly into the action Morrison lands “harshly” on his ankle and the ref quickly stops the match and awards it to Truth. And of course the debate has already begun if this was done so that Shawn Michaels can find his way into Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber match next week.

Edge comes out for an in-ring promo and he’d like to chat not just about his win at the Royal Rumble but also the fact that he gets to skip the upcoming Elimination Chamber matches. He runs down some of the men he could possibly face at WrestleMania after those bouts. Once he gets to the Undertaker, Chris Jericho interrupts to remind Edge that he is in the Smackdown match and to suggest that Edge choose to face the winner from Raw. The Undertaker puts an end to the talking by making his entrance and Edge takes a seat at the announce table.

Chris Jericho def World Champion The Undertaker: This match is no disqualification and non-title. Jericho stalls and tries to make taker chase him to start but is soon caught and Taker lands some strikes. Taker then hits his leg drop on the ring apron and stares down Edge before returning to the ring with Jericho. Taker starts to work on Jericho’s shoulder but when he goes for Old School, Chris trips him up and follows with a super-plex for a two count. Edge is talking about hating everyone with Matt Striker as Taker lays in the soupbones on Jericho before hitting him with snake eyes and a big boot. The champ gets a leg drop for a two count then signals for the chokeslam but Chris slides out of the ring. Jericho has words with Edge before Taker comes to claim him and then Edge and Taker exchange dirty looks. Then instead of tossing Jericho back into the ring, Taker sends him across the announce table just missing Edge. Taker and Edge have another stare down before Taker tosses Jericho back in the ring. The Deadman then turns and lays Edge out with a big boot! As Taker climbs back into the ring, Jericho nails him with a DDT but when he pauses to take a pad off a turnbuckle Taker lifts him for a chokeslam. Jericho slides out of it and rolls Taker up but can’t hold him down for three and hits the exposed turnbuckle when Taker kicks out of the attempt. Undertaker hits Jericho with the Last Ride but Edge slides into the ring and nails him with a spear. Taker sits up and picks Chris up but gets hit with the Codebreaker in the process and Jericho gets the pin!