Red's Weekly Top 5 List: NASCAR Cup Drivers

The Super Bowl is over, pitchers and catchers won’t report for another week, and the Madness that is college hoops is still a month away.  So, in honor up this weekend’s Daytona 500, let’s get into NASCAR-mode for a minute.

Top 5 NASCAR Cup Drivers (since 1980)

     1.   Dale Earnhardt, Sr – 7-time champ that accomplished it all, including that elusive Daytona 500 win – there has never been (and never will be) and more liked driver by the fans – even Jr can’t compare – but The Intimidator’s greatness was his ability to ‘see the wind’ while drafting – Simply the Best.

    2.   Jeff Gordon – Won 4 Cup Trophies and it was the Original Rainbow Warriors that turned pit-stops into part of the race.  Pre-Gordon, teams didn’t practice or even condition themselves for the grueling season.  Although the rainbow has been replaced with flames, the team is still elite and Gordon is a threat every week-every track

   3.   Jimmie Johnson – Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back – Wow!  An insane feat, no doubt, but I rank him one spot behind Gordon due to the fact that JJs titles were ‘Chase-aided’.  Check with me in 2020 and JJ will almost certainly be #1 on this list.

   4.   Darrell Waltrip – Waltrip may be a bit of a goofball on TV, but there’s no mistaking his talents behind the wheel.  Ol’ D-Dub won 3 Championships and was #3s only competition for much of the early 80s.

  5.   Mark Martin – I know, I know, he hasn’t won a Championship – So how can you add him to this list, you may ask.  Granted, he is NOT one of my personal favorites, but when making the comparisons, his name kept coming up.  Despite the lack of titles, Martin has consistently won races and just bump-drafts past Tony Stewart for the fifth spot

OK, NASCAR-nation, let’s here you – where am I right??  Where am I wrong??  Would love to hear everyone else’s opinions.