The Life and Times of Tim: The Complete First Season DVD Review

I’m a fan of stupid TV shows. I’ll admit that. I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force which I believe has scientifically been shown to kill brain cells while you watch it. And yet, The Life and Times of Tim is too stupid for me.

Every episode plays out the same way: Tim gets in an awkward situation and can’t get himself out of it no matter how nicely or harshly he tries. The reason he can’t get out of any of the situations are his horrible friends who give him horrible advice that he continues to listen to because he himself is apparently an idiot. Tim even points out that one person gives terrible advice, and then takes that advice anyway.

The show is set up with two short episodes per show. So there are two 15 minute episodes in one show. Every show I’ve ever seen that runs this set up is basically hoping for one big joke at the end and then the show ends quickly. That’s sort of what Tim tries to do, but fails miserably. There are 10 shows, so 20 episodes, and I’d say maybe 3 of them have any sort of humor in them at all.

They are trying to be an “Adult Cartoon” but the only thing that makes this an adult cartoon is the fact it’s on HBO so they can say the F bomb and show cartoon boobs. Both things they use a few times to try and get laughs and it’s just painful.

The animation style is about on par with early South Park. There are more body parts and the hair has some semblance of being attempted to be drawn, but it’s clear right away that this isn’t meant to be a fantastically drawn shown. When I first saw the box I thought Demitri Martin was doing the animation for the show because that’s what the drawings look like. Complete with the disease that makes a person’s nostrils point forward.

The voice acting doesn’t really matter because there is no reason for the words to match the lips since the characters mouths just open and close without an attempt to make it actually look like words.

The best part of the DVD may in fact be the clear cover with Tim sticking his hand out on it; it allows Tim and the wording to move as you remove the clear plastic while the background objects stay the same. So you can move Tim up and down to make him reach out for different things on the cover. Including grandma boob.

The Life and Times of Tim is presented in 16:9 Aspect Ration and 5.1 Surround Sound.
It looks like a poorly drawn TV show, which is what it is supposed to be so good job on that. The sound works without distracting from the show.

There are 10 additional awkward moments where Tim is put in a weird situation that he can’t get out of. So basically 10 mini episodes that are about a minute each.

I saw a few reviews of this before I watched it, and it was pretty highly praised. I can’t help but feel that it had something to do with the HBO supremacy complex. I’m starting to think people with HBO believe that makes them better than people who don’t, and as such they think the shows on HBO are better than anything else on TV just because they are paying more for it. I think that’s what has happened with Tim. HBOers think it is the greatest show ever, non-HBOers are going to question why the show exists. Since I’m in the non-HBO group, I’m going to go ahead and recommend that you not pick this up.

HBO Entertainment Presents The Life and Times of Tim. Created by Steve Dildarian. Starring Steve Dildarian, MJ Otto, and Peter Giles. Written by Steve Dildarian. Running time: 300 Minutes. Rated TV-MA. Released on DVD: February 9th, 2010. Available at

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