Psych Episode 4-12 Review

This episode has started to renew my faith in Psych. It is the first episode that I have enjoyed since the winter return. I thought it was a decent storyline and enjoyed that the focus was on Juliet for once. The past seasons have had almost nothing to do with Juliet and so far in this one we’ve been introduced to her brother and a former love interest. Although I like Juliet I can’t help but wish that next time they give us a Lassie-centric episode.

As said above this episode involved a former love interest of Juliet’s named Scott Seaver played by Josh Braaten. Juliet’s luck he is in witness protection putting him in constant danger now that he is exposed. Hey, it’s better than being dead like she thought at the beginning of the episode.  Scott fits Juliet’s profile of tall, strong men. Which of course Shawn is not, though he’s not exactly short. That brings me to my next topic.

Shawn has his first fight on the show! In my opinion this was the best part of the episode. Again, we know Shawn is not that strong and the writers stuck with that persona when he fights. It would have made no sense for Shawn to suddenly go hulk and beat the living daylights out of the guy. He was doing good for awhile and stuck with mostly cheap shots. Like biting the guy’s leg, hilarious. Without Scott being there to save him, Shawn would have gotten shot again.

You would think after Shawn asks the police to follow him at least one of them would. Especially Juliet if it involved Scott being in danger. Nope, they only showed up after the fight was over to arrest the dirty Marshall. This seemed a little unrealistic to me. Shawn is almost never wrong. If he says to follow him then you should definitely follow him. He has been working with the police long enough for them to know that by now.

I also don’t get why the Marshall would have gone to such lengths to cover up his accidental shooting of his partner. It’s not something to be proud of but under the circumstances it was only an accidental homicide. He thought a gun was being pulled on him and shot, not exactly something you go to jail for. Then to try to kill the witness who is testifying that the other person shot and killed the Marshall is redundant. He knew that the body was moved but without the bullet he would have no evidence. Now the attempted murder makes you a criminal and your career is over. Pretty stupid moves.

As the episode ends, Scott leaves Juliet on a train agreeing to see her again in a year. I liked Scott but if he returns it is only going to farther delay the Shawn-Juliet relationship we’ve all been waiting for. Abagail is out of the picture for the moment so it’s a good time for one of them to make a move. They’ve been flirting since the second episode, you’ve made us wait long enough! Too many shows use this teasing tactic to prolong the plot, it drives me crazy.

Coming up next… Shawn and Gus must recover a deadly pathogen before a thief releases it into the city.


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