Lost – Episode 6-3 Revisited

There was one moment from last week’s episode that I forgot to mention (which is surprising, considering the pro Jack/Kate stance I took), but that was Kate’s strange moment of familiarity when she saw Jack talking on his cell phone moments after she carjacked the cab (cabjacked?) I’m not so much surprised that this happened, more surprised that I didn’t make a big deal about it. Most notably because Kate shared extended scenes with Claire and Sawyer, yet showed no sense of “have I seen this person before” with them. Why was she so struck by seeing Jack? Very interesting. Here’s one theory, from the EW.com review:

As they took off, Kate looked out the window and saw Jack talking on his cell phone, and it looked to me like she had a moment of déjà vu akin to Jack’s experiences last week. Now, there was another moment in the episode in which Kate looked at Jack and something like a rush of recognition filled her eyes. It was the tender moment in the Temple, when Jack grabbed her gently by the elbow and pulled her close and wished her well and a safe journey in her pursuit of Sawyer. I submit that when Kate saw Jack at the airport, she established a psycho-spiritual circuit with her doppelganger self on he Island, and specifically the moment between Jack and Kate in Temple.

Essentially, a powerful emotion transmitted from one consciousness/reality to another. I might take that idea one step further and say that Kate’s guardianship of Claire in the Sideways world acted as her renewed motivation to find her on the island. I can buy into this theory. The only problem is, one reality is in 2004, the other in 2007.

So anyway, many, many readers brought to my attention that Ethan was likely evacuated from the island with the rest of the women and children, once rumors of the Incident started spreading. I did recall this happening when I originally wrote the column, but I didn’t remember if Ethan was one of the escapees. But, to me, that sounds like the most logical answer. So thank you Andy, Max, Kate, and, ahem, DaBooty1 for bringing that to my attention. Actually Kate Astin – whose name is remarkably close to the heroine of this past week’s episode – added that Miles and Charlotte were also obviously on the sub, so it makes sense that Ethan was as well. And hence, he remained a Goodspeed instead of becoming a Rom.

Our friend Andy, who was a regular contributor to the Revisited columns last year, also had this to say:

Overall, I thought it was a pretty weak episode, as Kate-centric episodes often are. I don’t find her character very compelling, and I don’t care if she ends up with ANYONE in the love quadrangle. The best bits of the episode, I thought, didn’t involve Kate… e.g. anything in the Temple, Sawyer’s sadness, Claire the BAMF.

Anyway, I’m glad they got the Kate episode out of the way early. Hopefully next week’s will focus on those characters who were left out of this episode, as I find them a lot more interesting!

You know it’s funny: I was worried the premiere would get mixed reviews and the feedback ended up being overwhelmingly positive. I didn’t really think much of how well received this episode would be, but then after I read a few articles, I remembered that it’s a Kate episode.

I’ve found since last season that most people are indifferent about who Kate ends up with. They either stopped caring, like Andy states above, or they feel like the series has “outgrown” that particular story (which is alluded to in the EW.com review). Those are fair points, but for better or worse, Kate’s character is still very much centered on whether she’ll end up with Jack or Sawyer. Just consider the recent edition of TV Guide, in which Lost was featured on the cover. The big questions were asked, like if Locke is really dead….and who Kate will choose. And, quite honestly, if the series ties up WITHOUT tying up this loose end, I feel like most people, including many of those who don’t care, will feel a little unsatisfied. I know I would.

TV Obsessed had this to offer:

The return of the “sickness” and talk of infection turned my theory on its head, but this is my new theory. MiB is the one who revived Sayid (he may not be able to enter the temple, but he can do things from afar), and that process infected Sayid. MiB infects Sayid to make him a follower, and Sayid becoming crazy and killing people would fit. Sayid is Judas in the Last Supper poster, because as an infected person, he will follow MiB, but there will be a part of humanity in him that in the end betrays MiB.

There is most certainly something diabolical going on with Sayid’s revival, and I think that can certainly be tied to Mr. Smokey. Plus, there’s still the belief that Christian is a manifestation of the Smoke Monster. And he’s been interacting with Claire. Who, as we came to learn, was also infected. This is certainly a possibility. Over on my blog, Christopher left this comment:

I still believe that the alternate events we’re seeing, the “flash-sideways” as some call it, are the epilogue to the story of Lost. The idea is that the series of events on the island will cause a changing of the reality we know, causing a new series of events. This would be the ‘happily ever after’ section in the final part of the film or book, though not everyone’s final chapter is ends happily.

I do think we’re in for a twist when it comes to the flash sideways, I’m just not sure what it is. I’m going to wait and see how these flash sideways play out before making a determination on this particular theory, because I have to wonder if people will accept an ending that sees these characters essentially never developing the relationships we have grown followed so closely for the past six years. Of course, we may learn from this season’s unique method of storytelling that they DO in fact end up having those relationships, just in Los Angeles instead of Crazy Ass Island.

Now let’s close things out with one last observation from the EW.com review:

I keep waiting for SOMEONE to ask the Ghost-Hustler for his Talks With Dead People perspective on Sayid. Given his wary-spooked eyeballing, I get the sense he’s got something to say, if only someone would ask him.

At this point, everybody on the show is aware that Miles can talk to dead people, right? At the very least Hurley is. So why aren’t they utilizing this opportunity? I guess one could argue that in the excitement and intensity of the moment, it just hasn’t come up (as in, it could happen in the forthcoming episodes). I hope they at least acknowledge Miles’ ability as it regards to Sayid’s situation.

Okay, that’s it for Revisited. Thanks to all of those who sent me e-mails and comments. I’ll be back Tuesday night with my review of the new episode. See you then!

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