Smallville – Episode 9-13 Review

Long time viewers of Smallville, such as myself, have come to expect certain things. One of the top things on that list is that they typically follow up an “event” level episode with one that can be described as “filler.” It’s totally excusable in my opinion, especially when you consider how many epics they’ve had this season alone, but it doesn’t erase the fact that I don’t have a whole lot to say about it.

For the most part, I feel like this episode was designed as one giant “wink, wink” to the audience, having fun with all of the comic book references. But was I the only one a bit taken aback by all of the overt Star Wars references? Isn’t Star Wars a part of the 20th Century Fox family, while Smallville is produced by Warner Bros? Is there an affiliation here that I’m missing? It seemed really odd.

Regular readers probably know that I hate when characters other than Clark fly, because it (a) only serves to minimize Clark, and (b) it takes away the impact of the visual of when Clark DOES finally learn to fly. Plus it just reminds me that the technology does exist, and the show is willing to use it, so what’s holding you back? This instance was no exception. And Chloe’s behavior seemed a bit….off as well. I mean, she totally alluded to the fact that she was planning on bedding Warrior Angel the very night she met him for the first time (“this isn’t what I thought you meant by going upstairs”). I realize she’s lonely and damaged, but this seemed rather uncharacteristic.

Of course, the episode wasn’t completely “filler,” as the final scene did a great deal to advance the Oliver/Chloe relationship. Honestly, I hope these two do find each other. They have absolutely been the darkest aspect of this season (which is funny, since the season was hyped as “Clark’s darkest hour” – he’s like a ray of sunshine compared to these two), and I’m hoping that a romance between them will bring a little life back into their characters. These two have exhibited such little humanity this season that this whole “fighting evil” thing seems more like something to do than a way to help others. And this relationship also doesn’t seem obligatory, they’ve been hinting at it since Oliver’s Chloe-sponsored Saw adventure.

This episode also got me thinking about whether they’re going to have Clark don the black “Blur” outfit for the entire season – or even series – or if they’ll have him revert to a red/blue version later on. I’m hopeful for the latter, since that’s more in line with Superman and his overall perspective (he’s not a dark figure, like Batman). But can they come up with a bad ass version of his outfit if he’s wearing blue and red? Like, would that trench coat work in red? It’s tough to say.

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