TOY FAIR 2010 COVERAGE: G.I. Joe Presentation Information

Pursuit of Cobra:
-Replaces Rise of Cobra in fall of 2010.
-No more actor likenesses
-Wave 1 – Jungle Assault Duke, Desert Battle Snake Eyes, Arctic Threat Snow Job, Desert Battle Storm Shadow, City Strike Beachhead, Cobra Commander, City Strike Ally-Viper, City Strike Firefly
-Wave 2 – Jungle Assault Snake Eyes, Desert Battle Zartan, Jungle Assault Recondo, Arctic Threat Destro, Jungle Assault Jungle Viper, Desert Battle Dusty
Alpha Vehicles Wave 1 – Doom Cycle with Storm Rider, Ghost HAWK with Tomahawk
Alpha Vehicles Wave 2 – AWE Striker with Nightfox, Cobra Ice Cutter with Snow Serpent Officer
Bravo Vehicles Wave 1 – Wolf Hound with Whiteout, HISS Tank with HISS Driver
Bravo Vehicles Wave 2 – Vamp with Double Clutch, Cobra Fury with Ally Viper Officer

-7 Packs coming soon!
-Joes – Flint, Beachhead, Arctic Duke, Stalker, Scarlett, Roadblock, Snake Eyes
-Cobra – Alley Viper, Firefly, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro, Zartan, Baroness

-Sgt. Slaught at SDCC!!

G.I. Joe Showroom Gallery
HISS Tank Video