TOY FAIR 2010 COVERAGE: Star Wars Presentation Information

Clone Wars:
-New black & blue carding
-All figures come with a new Galactic Battle Card game starting in August
-31 new figures in 2010
2010 wave 2 – Anakin in Cold gear, Thi-Sen, Commander Stone, Darth Sidious, TX-20
2010 wave 3 – Obi-Wan in Cold gear, Clone Trooper in Cold gear, Fighterfigher Droid, Magna Guard
2010 wave 4 – Gen. Grevious, Pre Vizsla, Aurra Sing, Mandalorian Guard

Saga Legends:
-Continues on a new card, with orange strip to differentiate from the Clone Wars.
-New AT-AT will only be $100.
-Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of ‘Empire Strikes Back’
-Comic Packs are gone for now

Vintage Collection:
-Move past the Original Trilogy
-Will continue for 2 years
-37 basic figures in 2010
2010 wave 1 – Dengar, Hoth Leia, Hoth Han, Bespin Luke, AT-AT Commander, C-3PO, Dak, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Could Car Pilot, 4-LOM
-Vintage Boba Fett mail-away figure will look exactly like the original mail-away from the 80’s, and will have a real working rocket launcher
-New AT-AT will be in both regular & Vintage packaging

Galactic Heroes:
-Cinema Scenes are gone, will be replaced with a AT-AT set!
-Wave 1 2010: Green & Orange Clone Trooper, Padme & Clone Trooper, Anakin & Ahsoka, Cad Bane & Aurra Sing

-2 The Force Unleashed 5-Packs at Toys R Us
-Star Tours Boarding Set at Disney & Once Upon a Toys
-Darth Maul & Owen Lars Comic Pack at SDCC
-Cami & Fixer Comic Pack at Celebration V
-Zuckuss & 4-LOM ‘error’ pack at Celebration V

Clone Wars Showroom Gallery

Vintage Collection Showroom Gallery

Deluxe AT-AT Showroom Gallery


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