10 Thoughts on Monday Night RAW for 02.15.2010 featuring John Cena, Bret Hart, Randy Orton, Triple H, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Jerry Springer et al

Welcome to 10 Thoughts on this fine President’s Day edition of RAW.  Here we go.

  1. The Randy Orton-Sheamus opening match started out really well and I was going to use my first thought to say it was better than their Rumble match.  But then they went with the SAME EXACT FINISH!
  2. The Bret Hart “farewell” was pretty well done.  The backstage segments seemed heartfelt.  My wife totally called the car in reverse about 30 seconds before it hit the Hitman. I love the Cena line “you didn’t see a limo behind you?”   He should’ve asked “who guns it in reverse when leaving a parking space?”  (Cue blonde joke).
  3. I was pretty shocked that MVP and Mark Henry beat ShowMiz.  I really like the ShowMiz team but they’re off to a bad start.  They’re the newly crowned unified tag team title holders and they immediately lose on RAW.  I’m glad they kept things unpredictable but at the same time it seems the champs need a few squashes to establish them as legitimate cocky heel champions.
  4. Peanut butter and jelly = WWE Monday Night Raw and Jerry Springer.
  5. Springer telling Lawler that he usually picks up his girlfriends at recess was a priceless line.
  6. The Jerry Springer segment overall was… fun (for lack of a better word).  And really, what says PG rating better than “Kelly Kelly is a slut who had sexual relations with every midcarder on the roster as well as a midget and a transgendered Bella twin”.  And I always like to see Mae Young.
  7. I thought the Kingston/DiBiase was well done.  They knew they didn’t have a lot of time so to have one man dominate yet the other pull out the surprise win lets them both look dangerous for the Elimination Chamber match.  (Well, if you forget about Cena destroying DiBiase last week.)
  8. The Cena/Batista exchange was pretty good.  They’re doing a good job of extending this feud toward Wrestlemania.
  9. I liked the Sheamus run-in to close the show.  It gave us our champion at the end of the show instead of only the beginning.  Of course, it was pretty predictable but I still thought Batista might be the one to stomp everyone.
  10. Overall a decent RAW.  The Springer segment went on too long as did the Bret Hart taking a ride to the hospital.  Elimination Chamber should be a pretty good PPV.  I still don’t know where they’re going with the WWE Championship.


Well, see you next week kids.

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