10 Thoughts On Superstars – 2/11/10

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10. It always ends well when Santino gets a mic and the world is forced to listen to that horrible Italian accent. (I only comment on it because someone overheard me watching Santino on SS and came closer to point and laugh at him. See, he’s even funny to people who don’t watch wrestling).

9. I think the Cobra is possibly one of my favorite wrestling “moves” going at the moment.

8. Oh dear, Beth, did no one tell you that shirt was see-thru?

7. It is somewhat sad to see Christian with the ECW belt now as the show winds to a finish. Though, it does remind everyone that now ECW is gone, Christian will be kicking ass on other shows.

6. I’m hoping I’m not the only person who is excited about the possibilities of having Christian and Edge on the same brand once ECW wraps up.

5. Hopefully Zack Ryder doesn’t get burned on another brand. He’s done a good job of climbing up the ECW ladder, and will probably end up floundering around elsewhere with no set path. Which is unfortunate if it does happen.

4. Looking forward to seeing Ted DiBiase Sr inducted into the Hall of Fame. Though, if we don’t see the Million Dollar Championship make an appearance I’ll be disappointed.

3. It was refreshing to see a totally different lineup in this week’s main event. Plus, JTG going solo rarely happens so it was fun to watch something new.

2. Hopefully Dolph Ziggler is able to crawl his way back up the roster again. He truly has something special.

1. Well, I don’t get to say this often, but this week Superstars provided a solid show. Worth a watch if you get a chance.