10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 2/11/10

Brief apology for how late these are going up online in terms of when the show airs. It’s tricky because Impact airs in the US quite a few days before Australia actually get it. And at the moment, study means I’m not watching it when it airs. So it takes a few days longer than it all should. But, I also would love to shout out the voice of complaint to TNA too. Because when they move to Monday nights, it seems that those episodes will air in Australia on the following Saturday night. Can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing episodes almost a week later. And I know I’m not alone in being a bit annoyed by this.

But, you’ve clicked on this link for the 10 thoughts about last week’s Impact. Not my frustration at the company moving their episodes around and screwing over other countries….. So here are the thoughts.

10. Yes Hogan, everyone is talking about TNA, but not always for good reasons. Most people seem to be complaining about it.

9. I enjoyed the brief “underrated” chant that Eric Young got as he walked to the ring.

8. The Pope is one star who should be going straight to the top. (and I officially wrote that one before the PPV aired).

7. Hey look, it’s Suicide, yet another one who seemingly disappeared when Hogan and his band of buddies showed up.

6. Sorry, but Foley bowing down to Bischoff was pathetic. Is Bischoff THAT desperate to get himself over?

5. I love that mics can fall from any ceilings for Anderson. Even promo rooms backstage. Awesome.

4. I have to ask what the deal with the Knockouts is. We haven’t seen much variety in their matches each week. Personally, I miss Hamada and Taylor Wilde.

3. WOW. Lacey managed to pull off a moonsault into an elbow drop and she didn’t botch it? Woah, hell just froze over.

2. I may not like the direction of TNA these days, but I loved that Styles / Joe promo. They are the top stars of the show and they should stay there.

1. Also when advertising the PPV, saying what “Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have in store for you” somehow sounds wrong. Shouldn’t the line be, what “TNA have in store for you”?

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