Comic Capsule Reviews 02-10-2010

Tales of the Pet Avengers #1(Chris Eliopoulos and Various/Marvel Comics/$3.99): I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on the shelf of my LCS. First of all the cover by Ramos is amazing. It’s a fantastic draw dropping image of the A-pets ready to pounce. Ms. Lion is positively rabid for action. Lol. The issue is a series of shorts written mostly my Chris Eliopoulos all of it is fun and well done. This a fun concept and if the quality continues at this level I do not see why this can’t continue as a series of minis. I am particularly fond of the Thor-frog story with tremendous art by IG Guara and the Lockjaw short by Scott Gray and Gurihiru. I love the fun and all ages tone of the book a fun read.

 8 out of 10

Thor #606(Gillen and Tan/Marvel Comics/$2.99): How the might have fallen. I dropped the book when JMS and Coipel left. I had a feeling the quality and tone established would disintegrate quickly when they did. But it was a light week and I decided to pick it up. The comic is a mess of sloppy art and poor pacing. I won’t say Gillen’s writing is bad, but there is no sense of urgency, wonder or scale. Which was a hallmark of the book previously. It just seems to go along from one scene to the other. Gone is the feeling that this is book is epic. Tan is a solid artist, stylistically he tends on the loose side, maybe a better word is wild. And I have liked his work previously on the New Avengers. But here it tends to look sloppy and panels run over each other especially when the action gets big. And for some reason as energetic as the art is I never get the sense that there is any danger. Doom in the Destroyer armor does not seem like a threat to Thor at all. No drama. I did like the ending. Doom is not a pawn to any man…or God.

4 out of 10

Secret Six #18(Simone and Ostrander with Calafiore/DC Comics/$2.99): This comic is an example of why I remain a lover of comic books. A team up of two of my favorite groups by the two writers who essentially own the characters on both Secret Six and Suicide Squad. Having Ostrander on board is an awesome touch that really makes the confrontation between teams so magical. Him and Simone really created a special Blackest Night tie-in and the comic is full of great dialogue and character interactions.I remain a big fan of Simone’s Bane.He is a seriously interesting character.The Blackest Night back drop is nice spice to a wonderfully written story. Normally I am not a fan of Calafiore but he really delivered on the art. When the teams finally “team-up” and unleash the Manhunter energy and dissipate the Black Lanterns the effect he uses is really nice. A very well done comic, with a great ending. reading this I can’t imagine what is stopping DC from putting out a Suicide Squad book.The characters and concept remain fresh and fun. And would definitely make a great compliment to Secret Six. Come on Didio this is a no-brainer. And please please get Cully Hamner to draw it. 

9 out of 10

Adventure Comics #7(Bedard and Travis Moore/DC Comics/$3.99): I read this and liked it before I noticed it wasn’t written by Geoff Johns. Which is a compliment to Tony Bedard. Bedard really captured what Johns has established in terms of Conner’s character. And really touches on it well as Conner trys to resist the influence of the Black Ring and not kill Wonder Girl. Krypto coming to his aid is a really nice touch. And I think you get a sense through out the comic of the strength of these characters, Conner’s relationship with Wonder Girl, his ongoing inner struggle over who and what he is and that there is continuity in the events in the DCU. Bedard uses the events in legion of Three Worlds nicely to confound and defeat the Black Ring. As well as develop Superboy a little further by him finally developing his superbreath. The art is very nice. Travis Moore really does great work with the storytelling with his classic style. The inkers are all pros and serve the art very well.

8 out of 10

Batman and Robin #8(Morrison and Stewart/DC Comics/$2.99): First off great cover by Quitely. Really simple but nicely and stylistically rendered and nicely laid out. And the colors really work. But as much as I think Quitely should be the only artist on this title, Cameron Stewart is amazing. Not only does he capture the spirit Quitely established with the launch of this series, but he does amazingly crisp storytelling with simple clear layouts. The characters are really nicely rendered, and although Stewart is somewhat cartoony tonally it fits nicely with the Morrison’s story. Stewart draws a great Batman (both of them :)) and has a nice flair for the drama and does terrific character work when the story gets tense. Morrison is really writing a great series. This story connects back to Final Crisis as we deal with many elements from that story including the “Crime Bible”. Morrison nicely brings Batwoman into a story where Dick’s love for Bruce leads to a bad outcome. resurrecting a Batman cloned by Apocolyptan science. As bad Batman get loose he over takes the good guys and makes a b-line for the Batcave and easily takes out Alfred and a Damien in need of rehab. Things do not bode well for the Bat-family. It is a fun romp.

8 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man #620(Slott, Martin, Pulido/Marvel Comics/$2.99): Slott really delivered on the Mysterio chapter of the ongoing “Gauntlet” storyline which has been hit or miss along the way thus far.Mysterio is still Mysterio and play the Maggia very well only to get confounded by Spidey once again. I really like  Spidey and even the villains and really helps moving the story forward. I like that Mr. Negative was a major player in this story line, that the Maggia were involved and we still have the developments with Aunt May to look forward too. The art is gorgeous simple straightforward and elegant. Martin and Pulido have complimentary styles that are fresh and really work well for Spidey.

7.5 out of 10

Fans reading comics for over 20 years understand why I put this image in here. One of my favorite FF story lines ever. Needless to say it made me smile to see it in the middle of a comic even if I think the show is complete trash.

On another note I am really enjoying Siege and Blackest Night. Both are really fun and well produced events. What I am not so stoked by is the teaser and preview images for Brightest Day and the Heroic Age. First of all there seems nothing “bright” about Brightest Day and I don’t really know what a monkey with machine guns or light ports on Iron Man have to do with Heroic?

I am also very excited about DC’s up Earth-One OGNs. Supes by JMS and Batman by Johns and Frank. I can’t wait. Now if I could only convince Didio to get Morrison and Mahnke on a Captain Marvel OGN.

I plan on going to Megacon for at least a day. Should be fun. Hope to see you there and remember to chime in here at the site.

Aris out.

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