Inside Pulse TV Exclusive Interview: Jessica "Sugar" Kiper of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

Survivor 20! With this milestone season for the Reality TV King, Mark Burnett and co. knew that they needed to do something special. And when they thought about what kind of memorable players fans would want back, they realized something. Each one of them is either a Hero or a Villain. So Survivor: Heroes vs Villains came to be. And it started with a bang! A dislocated shoulder, a broken toe and everyones favorite <i>Survivor</i> sweetheart following everyones favorite cowboy around like a lost Sheep. Jessica “Sugar” Kiper became the first person voted out of Season 20.

I had a chance to talk with her following the episode, and we talked about what really went down with Colby, why she was nervous to be out there with all these Allstars, and why she feels like the luckiest one out of the 20 castaways.

Billy Debney- Hey Sugar! How are ya?

Sugar- Hi Billy. I’m good thanks.

Billy- So what made you want to come back?

Sugar- Well the fact that they asked me. I didn’t think I’d end up doing very well, cause it was a miracle I made it to the end in the first place for Gabon. But I did actually go into this game trying, I was gonna try and win. But that was probably what messed me up.

I did find it weird that I was there with all these awesome people. I mean come on…Rupert….and Sugar?? Its kind of crazy. I wanted to get to know a lot of them because I went in completely blind…..blonde and blind.

Billy- Now you were only there for 3 days, but were there any big alliances you were trying to form right off the bat?

Sugar- Yea I was actually trying to get with Rupert and Tom and JT. We had our own conversations where we talked about it, but they never showed that. I mean they didn’t end up being my heroes so why would they show that?

I was also trying to break up the Micronesia alliance really hard core. But you never know if the person you’re talking to has already joined that Alliance.

Billy- Now from your experience in Gabon, how were the elements different this time around?

Sugar- Oh my god are you kidding me? It was so much worse. In Gabon it didn’t really rain all that much, it only drizzled a bit. Samoa was very very wet. I mean if you had a ring on your finger the skin would be rubbing off because you were so wet. It was like I was sitting in a bath tub for three days.

Billy- Looking at the Villains tribe, is there anyone you would have liked to work with over there?

Sugar- Surprisingly I would have loved to team with Randy. I like Randy. I also would have liked to work with Jerri and Coach…and maybe Russell.

Billy- So we saw you following Colby around last night, and he said that you kept everyone up at night. What was really going on there?

Sugar- Oh did he say that? Thats funny because its completely different. But I mean I did try and get close to him and flirt with him a bit, but that was just grasping at straws. I mean I didn’t even have a crush on him or anything. I had the hots for JT at the time. Its kind of funny that they played it that way. Its ok cause Jerri already went through it, so Im Jerri number 2! And now people are questioning Colby! Its hilarious.

Billy- What did you think of getting your bra ripped off in the first challenge?

Sugar- Thanks Sandra! I mean I got to score a point and even get some good air time without having to break anything. There was a split second where she was undoing it and I was like, “Don’t undo my bra bitch!” and she’s like, “I’m a villain, ahhhhh”. So I decided she wasn’t expecting me to loose it, so I rolled out of it and ran and got a point. So I guess it worked for me.

Billy- How did it feel to contribute so much during the first challenge, only to be voted off?

Sugar- Well I was hoping that by proving how much I was willing to give, that it would play some part. But I was so miserable after being there for 3 days. I did want to win…but I still feel like the luckiest one out there being voted out first. It was just so cut throat and the elements were so much worse than Gabon.

Billy- How do you think your emotional state contributed to you getting voted out?

Sugar- I think if I hadn’t cried after we ALL lost the second challenge….I mean I shouldn’t have cried because then people start thinking, “oh she already thinks she is going home so lets run with this.” I don’t know how to scramble….I don’t like scrambling.

Billy- What was Rupert like around camp after he broke his toe?

Sugar- He really tried hiding the fact that he was really in pain. But we all knew. James actually cut himself really early on as well! I told him he had to keep an eye on it and he’s like, “Don’t tell anybody”. That guy is always hurting himself.

Billy- Did you ever think…What the hell am I doing out here?

Sugar- Yea several times, pretty much the second we got there.

Billy- Are there any past Survivors that you wish would have been there.

Sugar- Yea Fairplay, and of course Richard Hatch. And really would have liked to see Todd Herzog. He was kind of the villain in China, but he is a heroes to me. I really wish he was there.

Billy- Was there anyone else on board with you to vote out Amanda?

Sugar- Before we went to Tribal, Candice, JT, Rupert…everyone really said they would vote for Amanda. Except Tom. I don’t think he wanted to lie to me. But I had a feeling I was being lied to. I guess you’re not really supposed to tell anyone they are about to die. But I wouldn’t have cared…it actually would have been nice.

Billy- Do you think because you wrote her name down that there is a chance of her being a target soon?

Sugar- I was really bringing up anyone in the Micronesia alliance. I wished other people would have been on board in breaking that up.

Billy- Who would you like to go all the way and win the game?

Sugar- Tom. I have a daddy crush on him. I mean I liked Bob so why wouldn’t I like Tom?

Billy- Do you wish Bob had been around? Because he definitely would have been a hero.

Sugar- Yea he totally owes me like a life or two. He for sure would have had my back.

Billy- Well thats all I have for you Sugar. Thanks so much!

Sugar- Bye Billy.

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