Lost – Episode 6-4 Review

“What was that all about?”
“Inside joke.”

I have to say, I didn’t expect to be so touched by seeing Locke, in the Sideways universe, so legitimately happy while living a normal existence. Sure, he “found” himself and a purpose on the island, but there was something sweet about him living happily, with his bride-to-be, as part of a loving family. And there was something nice about him seeing the humor in unfortunate situations, like falling off your van, onto the front lawn, just as the sprinklers go off. He doesn’t seem tortured by his condition, he seems at peace with it.

I also found it interesting that, in the original timeline, John Locke can’t catch a break. Both of his parents used him, his father essentially stole his kidney, used him again, and then tried to kill him. He lost his true love. Nothing worked out. Yet in this reality, he catches break after break after break. You can’t keep this guy down!

And, assuming that their Sideways lives are fairly representative of the Losties’ pre-crash lives, we learned another connection: Rose used to work for one of Hurley’s companies (even though he had bad luck and seemed pretty out-of-the-loop, Hurley still owned a number of businesses)! Perhaps not surprisingly, Locke also came in contact with other familiar characters – in fact, far more than Kate (and presumably Claire). He met and had extended interactions with Jack, Hurley, Rose, and Ben. Did anybody half expect (how do you half expect something?) to see Walt at the high/middle school?

I am curious, though, if we’re going to see Locke eventually take Jack up on his offer. Perhaps during a Jack Flash Sideways?

How surreal was it seeing “Locke” – visually, anyway – promising people that if they follow him, he’ll tell them everything they want to know? After the amount of times we’ve seen him fall for that line, it was interesting seeing him deliver it. And, of course, I LOVED Fake Locke yelling that classic line, but with anger instead of desperation, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

It’s also fun and unusual seeing Richard and Ben at the mercy of people who know more than them.

Speaking of Richard, I find it curious that he didn’t see the child, but that Sawyer did. What’s the significance? But I have to wonder, why didn’t Locke go all Smokey when he was chasing the kid? And what’s the current guess – that this kid is a younger version of Jacob?

It was nice that Sun told everybody that they need to bury Locke’s body. It was a nice reminder to the audience that despite all they’ve seen and experienced, they’re still human beings that are affected by the loss of one of their comrades. And although it was obviously ironic, it was also strangely sweet seeing Ben carrying Locke’s body to the gravesite, digging his hole, and then performing his eulogy. These two have a twisted relationship, for sure, but I did find Ben’s speech quite genuine.

Part of me thinks that Ben realizes what his insecurities brought him to do – murdering Locke and Jacob – and that he’s no closer to having what he wants, or knowing what he wants to know. For the first time, I really do think he has regrets. Of course, he’s still not above lying, though.

The scenes between Sawyer and Fake Locke were interesting (except for Sawyer in dirty boxers. That was….unsettling). I do have to wonder, though: After that ladder fell apart, how on earth are they going to get back to the top of the mountain?

So it seems that Jacob has everybody’s name written on the walls of the cave, with a number next to each person’s name. I didn’t catch all of the corresponding numbers, does somebody want to help me out with that? And I also find it interesting that Fake Locke made it a point to reveal each person’s name, but we never saw Kate’s.

Some questions to ponder for my Revisited column:

What is the significance of the numbers next to each person’s name?

Is there a reason why we didn’t see Kate’s name?

Of the remaining names, do you foresee anybody taking over for Jacob?

And in your “chicken or the egg” question: What came first, Jacob’s list or the names on the wall?

In the Sideways reality, it appears that Locke’s father never betrayed him. So how did Locke become paralyzed? And what impact did the lack of island have on Locke’s father?

And, perhaps most interestingly, why isn’t Fake Locke able to transform into anybody else now?

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