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on the final ECW and rebranding to NXT
Tonight is the last night that ECW will air on TV which signals the end of a unique and memorable era within the business. The underfunded, attitudinal, and overachieving original ECW was fun to watch on TV although I have to reluctantly admit that I never attended a live, ECW event in South Philly. I think that re-branding the Tuesday night time slot on Sy Fy is timely as the letters “ECW” always conjured up a different image than I saw on my TV screen. Mid South Wrestling was “extreme” before ECW took the term to a different level and I know how I would feel if someone would attempt to replicate Mid South or even UWF for that matter. The original versions of both ECW and Mid South Wrestling were relevant in a different era, with a distinctively different talent roster, and a different mindset as it relates to the genre. The days of blood and guts in wrestling are largely over due to health issues and political correctness which is simply what it is and not a hill that I choose to die upon.

on Paul Heyman’s ECW
I have always saluted Paul Heyman’s creation and his ability to motivate his team to an “us versus the world” mentality that worked and kept the ship afloat even when financial woes plagued ECW.

on Rob Van Dam
Speaking of ECW, of the many top hands that made their mark in ECW, none were more uniquely talented than Rob Van Dam who is one of the hottest “free agents” available right now. It would seem to me that RVD would be a high priority to any wrestling organization and that facilitating a travel schedule to his liking should be attainable. RVD is a one of a kind talent who connects with his fan base and Rob’s in ring work is singularly his which would be a breath of fresh air to many TV broadcasts.

on his relationship with Bret Hart
Bret Hart has a Facebook page and he said some mighty nice things about yours truly recently. My relationship with Bret has been built from day one on respect. One of the best nights I’ve had in my career, off the clock, was at the Cauliflower Alley Club sitting at the hotel bar and shooting the breeze and telling stories with Bret and Steve Austin until about 6 a.m. I’ve often said that those types of pairings would make for some awesome DVD releases because of the talents’ chemistry and the fact that there is so much archived footage that can be utilized.

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