One Year in Knoxville – February 15, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show, once again joined by Jim Cornette. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing Hollywood Bob Holly, Rock n Roll Robert Gibson, Tim Horner, and the main event would see Dutch Mantell face Primetime Brian Lee. Caudle also said that we’d be hearing from Ron Wright and we’d hear about a new partner from Ivan Koloff.

Cornette bashed the fans and said that he was looking forward to see Bob Holly in action before predicting that Mantell would win the main event.

We then headed to the ring, where Pat Rose was waiting. His opponent slowly made his way out – Hollywood Bob Holly.

Holly shook Rose’s hand and offered a high-five before attacking him from behind. Rose recovered and whipped Holly into the corner before putting him down with a right hand.

The two locked up and wound up in the ropes where Holly told the ref that he’d had his hair pulled. Holly won another lockup and got a headlock. Rose whipped him again and Holly hit a shoulder block to plant Rose, but fell victim to a hiptoss, a body slam, and an arm drag.

Rose started working Holly’s arm. Holly backed Rose into the ropes and kicked free, then caught Rose and hit an inverted atomic drop to send Rose to the mat. Holly stomped him a couple of times and then snapmared him down before dropping a leg for a one count.

Holly locked in a sleeper and Rose made it to the corner to break the hold. Holly rammed Rose into the other turnbuckle and then got another sleeper. This time Rose reversed and got one on Holly until he made the corner. Rose back dropped Holly and tried a second, only for Holly to hit a neck breaker. Holly headed up to and hit a top rope knee drop for the win.

We headed to commercial and saw Caudle doing a local TV spot with Tim Horner and the Fantastic (with Jackie rocking a Ribera jacket). Horner expressed his happiness at getting to wrestle in the Tennessee area. Bobby Fulton echoed Horner’s sentiments and put over the local fans as the best. Jackie added how much he was looking forward to getting to meet the fans and Caudle advised that they’d soon be announcing live events.

We came back to hear Caudle telling us that Ivan Koloff had a new partner. Bobby Fulton appeared in a taped interview where he revealed that Vladimir had been called back to Russia. He added that it didn’t matter who Koloff’s new partner was – they still wouldn’t be defeated.

Ivan then joined Caudle for a word about his new partner. Koloff advised that Vladimir had been called home, but it wasn’t the Fantastics who’d sent him home. Koloff then introduced his new partner – Jimmy Golden. Golden said that he’d take Vladimir’s place until he came back, and then said that he wanted a match against the Fantastics tonight.

We then headed to the ring where Jumpin’ Joey Maggs was set to face the Hustler, Rip Rogers. Rogers jumped Joey from behind and sent him into the corner. Rogers hit another whip into the far corner and snapmared Maggs down before dropping a fist. Rogers missed a clothesline and then grabbed Maggs’s hair to send him face-first into the mat.

Maggs reversed another whip and hip tossed Rogers down before snapmaring him with Rogers’s entrance gear. Maggs hit a dropkick to send Rogers out. Maggs followed and Rogers returned to the ring. Rogers hit a knee lift that staggered Maggs, and then pitched him out of the ring. Rogers climbed to the top and hit a double axe handle to Maggs on the floor. Rogers hit a chop and threw Maggs back into the ring.

Maggs reversed an Irish whip and got caught with a big boot by Rogers. Rogers got small packaged for a one and the two started trading punches. Rogers hit a head butt and Maggs went to the corner. Maggs hit a clothesline and pulled Rogers off the ropes. Maggs hit a backdrop and tied Rogers up in the ropes. Maggs landed a few punches and ate a big boot when he charged at Rogers.

Rogers got Maggs up for a slam and fell backwards to give Maggs a one. Maggs then hit a backslide for a two. Maggs then hit a cross body for another two. Maggs bounced Rogers’s head off the turnbuckle ten times and climbed to the top. Rogers fell into the ropes to stop Maggs and then hit a superplex called the Ripperplex. Rogers covered and got the win.

We came back from commercial to see the masked Mighty Yankee in the ring, waiting for his opponent (who turned out to be Robert Gibson).

The two locked up and the Yankee backed into the ropes. The Yankee shoulder blocked Gibson down and then hip tossed him. Gibson hit a hiptoss and a dropkick to put the Yankee down for a one count.

The Yankee got a headlock and Gibson whipped him into a back elbow. Robert punched the Yankee and hit a high knee before going to a headlock. On commentary, Caudle mentioned that Robert’s brother Ricky had been in a car accident and he sent out his best wishes.

In the ring, the Yankee hit a clothesline and dropped a couple of elbows for a one. Gibson punched him back and a shoulder block sent Gibson to the floor. The Yankee hit a knee as Gibson tried to come in and then he sent Gibson into the corner and suplexed him into the ring.

The Yankee hit a clothesline and missed a second charge. Gibson hit a bulldog and covered for the win.

We then headed to commentary, where Caudle tried to get more information out of Cornette about his mystery team. Cornette took a moment to insult the fans, and then talked about how Pee Wee Herman enjoyed playing solitaire in a theater.

Cornette told the fans that while they didn’t know who to believe, they could believe him. Cornette promised that the greatest team in history would be debuting in the tag team tournament, and they’d be the champions at the end of it.

We came back from commercial for Caudle to introduce a clip from last week’s Mantell-Armstrong match.

Mantell was working Armstrong’s arm. Armstrong threw punches to get free and Mantell grabbed Armstrong’s hair to pull him down. Mantell kept working the arm before punching Armstrong out of the ring.

Mantell followed and kept punching before throwing Armstrong back in. Armstrong caught Mantel with a kick and followed up with punches that sent Mantell into the corner. Mantell retrieved Shoo Baby and nailed Armstrong in the throat with the whip’s handle before starting to whip him. That brought Brian Lee into the ring with a board to run Mantell out of the ring. Mantell grabbed the mic and promised to introduce Lee to the whip and we headed back to the commentary booth.

We went to a tape where Dutch Mantell was with Ron Wright. Mantell told Wright he knew that he needed help, and he asked Wright to escort him to the ring for his match against Brian Lee.

Wright said that his eyes were tearing up before revealing that Medicare wouldn’t cover his hip and knee implants. Wright accepted Mantell’s offer and we headed back to the booth.

Cornette expressed his concern that Wright wouldn’t get hurt at ringside and Caudle sent us to commercial.

We headed back to the ring to see Barry Horowitz in the ring, set to face Tim Horner. The fans cheered as Horner made his way around the ringside area and climbed into the ring.

The two locked up and Horowitz got backed into the corner. They broke and locked up again with Horner getting a headlock before taking Horowitz down for a quick cover.

Horowitz jawed at the crowd a moment and Horner went after Horowitz’s arm. Horowitz reversed and locked in a hammerlock. Horner hit a fireman’s carry to escape and Horowitz had to reevaluate the situation.

Horowitz slapped at Horner and backed Horner into the corner. Horowitz hit an uppercut and charged into the corner only for Horner to dodge. Horowitz dodged another charge and got punched down.

As Caudle advised that he had a phone call coming in, Horowitz caught Horner with a back elbow and a head butt. Horner escaped and put Horowitz down as Caudle announced next week’s main event – Jimmy Golden and Ivan Koloff vs. the Fantastics.

In the ring, Horner worked Horowitz’s arm and Horowitz hit a backbreaker. Horowitz patted himself on the back and hit a punch. Horowitz hit a knee lift and hit another backbreaker for a two count.

Horowitz suplexed Horner for a two count and hit a thumb to Horner’s eye. Horner dodged a clothesline and charged into Horowitz. Horner pulled Horowitz into the corner and punched him before hitting a hiptoss and body slam for a two count.

Horner pulled Horowitz off the ropes, bridged back, and got the win.

Horner then headed over to have a word with Caudle. Caudle congratulated him on his win and Horner expressed his appreciation for his hometown fans.

We took another commercial break and it was main event time. We started by hearing from Buddy Landel. Landel introduced himself to the fans and said that he’d never stayed in another fed because he wouldn’t kiss any cans. Landel said that he could be himself and dish out all the punishment he wanted to. Landel put over the roster as tough guys and closed by saying that he was the Nature Boy with a bad attitude and a big ego, and he was willing to whip out the Figure 4 on anyone in his way.

We headed back to the arena to see Mantell on his way to the ring with Shoo Baby. Brian Lee followed with a much warmer welcome from the crowd.

The two locked up and Mantell wound up shoved to the mat. Mantell tried again and got a headlock. Lee whipped Lee and took him down, then Lee put him down with a hiptoss. Lee slammed Mantell as Cornette reminded us that Ron Wright had been invited down to the ring.

Wright wheeled down to ringside as Lee started working on Mantell’s arm. Mantell escaped and Lee punched him down. Mantell begged off as Wright cheered Mantell on. Mantell and Lee traded arm wringers with Lee finally locking one in. Mantell got to the ropes and the ref broke Mantell’s grip. Mantell heptoses Lee and Lee rolled through.

An eye gouge got the advantage for Mantell and punches to the face kept it. Mantell locked in an abdominal stretch and grabbed the ropes for good measure. The ref finally caught him and ordered the hold broken, so Mantell took Lee down with a short-arm clothesline. Mantell dropped a knee and started kicking away. Mantell started landing punches and Lee returned the favor.

Lee hit a power clam and draped Mantell over the ropes. Wright gave Mantell a present and Lee intercepted the punch. Lee put the knucks on and punched Mantell with them. Lee covered and the ref stopped counting at two. The ref spotted the knucks and awarded the match to Mantell by DQ.

Lee was arguing with the ref as we headed to another promotional spot. Caudle introduced Ron Wright. Wright expressed his pleasure at being on the show. Wright called himself a living legend and admitted that he hadn’t found his client yet despite needing a hip implant, suffering from arthritis, and having to take nitroglycerin tablets.

Bob Holly then joined the interview. Holly advised that he didn’t have much time because his limo was waiting to take him to his dinner date with Julia Roberts. Cornette came in and put Holly over as only he could. Cornette told the fans that they hadn’t seen anything until they’d seen a live SMW show.

We headed back to the arena to see Caudle and Lee at the commentary booth. Lee promised to put Mantell in a wheelchair like Wright’s. Lee demanded a rematch and promised he’d keep an eye on Wright the next time.

Caudle talked about Wright’s actions the last two weeks and said goodbye for another week.

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